Crank bolt woes

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  • i was trying to remove my crank a few days ago and managed to get the LH arm off relatively easily but when it came to the drive side i can't get the crank bolt to move at all. i have tried WD40 as well as getting one of my friends to stand and the wrench (desperate times, desperate measures) but no luck, does anyone have any advice? thanks

  • you sure your turning the wrench to turn in the right direction? (anti-clockwise)
    leave the wd40 to work its magic for a few minutes at least.
    get a larger friend
    use a bigger wrench

  • Plus Gas (from halfords) or liquid wrench spray(better penetrating oils), soak it for a couple of days and try again. Add a couple of short sharp shocks with a mallet to break the threads apart as well. Go easy..sheared bolts suck.

    As a last resort, bit of heat, go easy. Had this problem on a Motorcycle caliper sliding pin. Patience is a virtue.

    Would suggest a breaker bar/socket combo for leverage but i would put money on a bolt shearing scenario.

  • yeah i checked i was turning the right way and left the WD40 and the crank to become better acquainted but the bigger wrench/friend suggestion sounds good! and thanks for the tips also 2Squeak i was hoping to avoid giving packing heat but i'm running out of options

  • Take it to a bike shop.. They've got spanners about 3ft long to get bare leverage on the bastards!

  • true true, its just that i took the chain off so getting the bike to a shop seems like its gonna be a long process

  • put the chain back on?

  • Can you get to moseley?

  • yeah adroit that would make sense but i'd rather not put the other crank arm back on reattach the pedal etc.

    yeah i'm pretty close by dubmaster, why?

  • Cause I fix bike innit..... I can get the burger off!

  • I use a bit of steel tube. Put that on the end of your spanner and give it grief. Longer the tube the better.
    Zip up your man suit!

  • today i reattached what i unattached, my bike is once again mobile and if you can help to get the burger off i would appreciate it

    stu f my man suit shrank in the wash, i've had to resort to wearin my cat suit which isn't really having the desired effect

  • Hi neddos! Ill be in all week if you want your bike lookin at just send me a PM.

  • thanks dubmaster, i will keep you posted

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Crank bolt woes

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