This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • If the bus stop were on an island, then peds would have to walk across the cycle lane to get to and from the bus stop. That gets rid of one hazard and introduces another, arguably less predictable and certainly less observant one.

  • If only there was some route that cyclists could take through there on which they would be well away from pedestrians and where they would be easily visible to bus drivers.

    Oh wait

  • I don't know if the road/pavement is wide enough to fit one but it would be like this.­KK0

    My own view is that while people currently look at them and think "ooo looks different, I'm unsure about that" we are building for the future and the more common these layouts become the more people(pedestrians+cyclists+drivers) will understand them and navigate them well. People say about "going dutch" and then when you visit amsterdam as a tourist it's in all the guides to not just stroll along in the cycle paths, how do you get that if afraid to build the paths?

  • Christ, that is awful.

    Not even enough space for peds near the bus stop.

    If they really want to "go dutch" then the cycle path should be wide enough to comfortably overtake with enough room for error.

    Which translated into a normal lane that's a car width.

    Only lane I like were the bus lane, before they allow taxis and motorcyclists on it.

  • If they really want to "go dutch" then the cycle path should be wide enough to comfortably overtake with enough room for error.

    I don't want to be too negative - I'm glad TFL are doing something even though it always seems a bit shit, as it might be easier to get existing infrastructure improved than it is to get it installed in the first place - but when I watched that video all I could think about was the nice wide cycle paths in other countries. You know the ones where you see parents riding along with their little kids wobbling beside them.

    I can't imagine anybody taking their kids for a fun little ride along CS2 or the Oval clusterfuck for myriad reasons, and the fact that the fully segregated bits (arguably supposed to be the most family-friendly sections) are so narrow and horrible is just depressing.

  • To the tool who ran in to the back of me after failing to get out of his pointless straps on Kingsland Road earlier this evening:

    Yes, I know it was your fault.Everyone who was there knew it was your fault. You can tell it was your fault by the fact that I was waiting at a standstill at a red light for a good minute unscathed before you ploughed in to the back of me. It was indeed your fault. So when you say "sorry, that was my fault" don't be put out when I agree with you.

  • Well i can't blame the British cycling infrastructure for the state of my drive train, just shitty old London roads, British weather and my own laziness. Ordered a new cassette and chain for £30 from wiggle so hopefully that'll help.

  • You know the ones where you see parents riding along with their little kids wobbling beside them.

    There's even a cycle lane next to the cycle path;

    What freak me out is the ridiculously high kerbs, dramatic turn and width change;

  • Don't get me started on the height change!

    Anyone tried the newly opened bit of segregated cycle path cycling from mile end towards bow? It raises up to pavement level for a little bit, and the slopes they've intricately constructed are like mini mountains. I'm fairly sure they are adding a significant additional elevation gain to my ride home each evening.

    The clip posted above of the whitechapel section of CS2 must have been when it first opened, because it has never been that clean since. It just seems to be used as a communal bin by residents - I don't ever use it, I just use the bus lane instead. Great reason to cause widespread delays for all road users for a whole year!

  • Wut? It says slow and then you get Mario Kart 'speed up' at the end.

  • Swear even going down Harleyford Road and all the CS5 stuff right now that cycling in during a tube strike makes the commute much more enjoyable. 10/10, hoping for more later.

  • So I in St Thomas after crashing on the new Kennington park facility. Tried to cross from road to the lane. Didn't see the kerb... Straight down on left hip. Some contributory negligence here but still a crap facility with an invisible kerb

  • Youre supposed to say "dont worry mate"

  • Y'see. this new cycle segregation is patently very shit. However if you look at the general reaction to it, its overwhelmingly positive. GAAARGH

  • Two Ambo's down at Oval this morning, one parked up in the new cycle lane, the other blues and twos going towards Brixton. Not sure if there had been an accident earlier could see anything through the Team Sky/Rapha Peloton that had built up at the normal lights.

    Chatting to a driver about Oval while we waited at the lights, his first comment was 'that looks shite' which I agreed with.

    Good job the pavement is open to cyclist on Tube strike day how else would they get to the front.

  • Heal up soon. A rider was down as I passed through. Either that was you or it is claiming multiple victims.

  • Ride in ruined by lunatic strikylists. Also, all those men in their early thirties with little bald patches - why are they all, all I tell you, riding no handed on the big main roads ths morning? It was unnerving. After the third one I thought I was having a hallucination.

    Then to put a proper cherry on it all I get to the charity where I am working today and there's a porsche in the car park. Not sure if I can shit on the bonnet?

    2/10 bollocks to it.

  • That was ten times worse than a few weeks ago.

    I had to zen it out. Highlight was calling out the lady I always see who RLJs through Tulse Hill/Herne Hill/up Loughborough Road. Yeah, you did look sheepish, love. You can shove your pink De Ver socks up your arse.

    And breathe.

  • today is hardcore shit

  • Ambo on the new cycle lane was me. 15 years of commuting and it's my first proper crash. Broken hip. Surgery in a minute. Morphine is wicked!

  • damn! all the best willski..

    Sounds like you are in good hands.

  • A3 Clapham-Elephant - heart in mouth when guy on stainless Genesis CdF with world's loudest freewheel tried to thread the needle between two vans. Then the van on the left squeezed in to avoid more cyclists coming up the inside and almost squashed said lovely steel frame and rider against the van on the right.
    In other words A3 commute even less fun than normal.

    Edit: just read above - A3 commute even less fun for willski - GWS and hope they give you the "magic button"!

  • heal up dude. :/

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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