This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Yeah we use 2G2G a lot but it's not ideal for veggies/vegans or anyone with allergies

  • Love 2G2G.

    My local spar does it. 4 pack of Strongbow dark fruits, 6 pack of Discos, tin of tuna, pack of extra spearmint, jar of pickled onions, pitta breads. £2.50.

    Posh hotels are good for £3 after breakfast pastry bumper packs.

  • one of the pubs near me uses 2good2go when they do a line clean.
    unfortunately it's just before closing on a monday night, and i'm too old for that shit!

  • Frosty out here in the shires
    However clearly not cold enough for the gentleman on the foldy-city bike this morning, dressed in helmet, trainers and a figure-hugging, sleeveless, high cut swim suit…

  • Shorts and sunglasses on the way in today accompanied by some traditional sounds of the English summer made for a nice ride. Sorry to anyone who may have been blinded by my pasty white knees though.

  • Wondered the source of additional eastern illumination this morning.

  • Scary ride today. A near miss (police rolled up immediately after but too late to catch the shite driver who nearly fucked me at a T junction), a mad close fast pass on a lane narrowed for roadworks then a near dooring within fifteen bloody minutes. Aargh!

  • Nice downwinder this morning. shame about the train strike traffic but enjoyed the smug feeling that comes with filtering past 200 cars.

    Only negative was some knob halfwheeling me super tight down the embankment. There was a parked scaffolding truck up ahead with the guys unloading, so I gestured to request some width to allow me to move out, which he didn't really do. I deployed a faintly exasperated hand signal with a subtle shake of the head and he called me a cunt. Told him to enjoy his morning.

  • Sounds like a normal Embankment cycle path experience lol
    Just the worst bit of road for commuters trying their hand at racing..

  • Guy was a bit close behind me when some kids stepped onto the crossing ahead.

  • What a dickhead. Hope you and he are ok + bikes. His pride not so much.

  • And that's why you don't draft on the commute. Had to move his hands to get the the brakes, SMH.

  • Fortunately nobody was hurt. My back wheel quick release released itself but went back together and seems fine.

  • Had to move his hands to get the the brakes,

    Disc brakes are deth. Confirmed.

  • He also leaned right at the end. #dontlean

  • hah, WAC.
    if you're going to draft someone at least cover your brakes.

  • I had something similar happening on the Victoria Embankment last year.

  • Wow that’s a mad clip.

  • V. disappointed in Lufguss recruitment policy today.

    Saw a stone-cold banker for the forum this morning and he even did a skid for me. I would have put my mortgage on him being a face here but he's never heard of the place.

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  • Forgot to charge my GoPro last night and it ran out a 1/3 of the way through my commute - then happen to catch about eight bang to rights phone/RLJs afterwards 😑

  • i seem to be plagued by p**ctures at the moment.

    two on the way in this morning in the space of about 25 metres (one caused by glass, then the second caused by the patch failing on the previously repaired tube that i replaced the punctured one with, leading to a large sigh, followed by repairing the first tube and chucking the other one in the bin!)

    at least the weather was nice.

    note to self, i need to order a frame pump. my tiny road pump gets boring pretty quickly on 35mm tyres.

    tubeless thread

  • Shorts!
    Then a ghastly headwind today. Wiped out after the ride in.

  • Someone learnt something today. Tomorrow bits of him will hurt but he will be a wiser man - I hope.

  • The exact same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, but at the Richmond Gate. Turning right very slowly into Sawyers Hill and back wheel went. It was almost slow motion, I'd prepared for it being slippery there but it still took me down, even at almost walking speed.

  • This is why i'm often in two minds about stopping at crossings, some cyclists/drivers are far too close and in their own little world (with headphones).

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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