This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • I will refer to it as the "EN 1150" vest from now ;)

    Ahaha, you look comfy! :D

  • Leedus wheelus were once my go to spoke lights:

    not sure if they still exist

  • Can recommend these reflective fabric stickers if you have a bag or jacket that isn't shiny enough:­s/reflectors/products/reflective-fabric-­stickers-strips

  • Be like Greenbank!


  • Made the mistake of leaning today. Just about survived.

  • I stepped out of my front door and immediately landed on my arse as the doorstep had frozen over. Still rode in to work though, since I'm such a badass and all. Roads weren't too bad once out my estate but the odd puddle from a few days ago was still solid.

  • Hardcore! I should have stuck to the roads, tbh. Cycle path was largely icy frost.

  • Well, the reversible decathlon cycling jacket I bought for a tenner a few years ago was finally not too warm to wear this morning.

  • Looking like it’s going to be -6 when I leave tomorrow morning!

  • Fucking hell. Not looking forward to that!
    How stupid would I be to use the Waterlink Way do we reckon? It's usually significantly nicer than having to deal with rush hour/school traffic. It wasn't too slippery last week so might risk it.

  • Surprisingly not too bad and people were driving surprisingly sensibly given the conditions. Small off at a mini roundabout on some ice and I slid down the road on my back. Bit of a bruise on my hip but apart from that all ok. My Buff was frozen completely solid when I got into work!

  • Try wearing thicker trousers.

  • Enjoyed dodging all the brand new potholes on the way in this morning, and having survived that, had a fox run out from a bush straight in front of me causing me to crash heavily. Luckily only cuts and bruises for me, the fox did not stick around for assessment...

  • Morning run was fine minus a few near passes on the road.

    Evening run resulted in two near misses, one numpty who saw me signalling to turn right at a roundabout but pulled out anyway, and another moving from a parking space not looking in the mirror and near hitting me side on.

    Oh, and various dog walkers with headphones….

  • Lovely this morning, felt quieter than usual.

    Also finally got to wear my Zoa and not be 1000 degrees.

  • Tired legs this morning but first time on the fixed bike in quite a while which is always more enjoyable. Quiet too.
    Hoping for tailwind home

  • Am I going crazy or did everyone outside zone 2 get a range rover for christmas?
    Was out riding north downs today and the majority of cars I saw were luxury SUVs, all driven by horrible, horrible, ugly, horrible people. Naturally all on their phones. No exageration - it really was most cars.
    Once again, attacked in Elmers End. Can't count how many times it has happened there. Thankfully today it was mostly verbal, although they did try and hit me with their car before hand. All I did was cross the road (where I had priority as a pedestrian, at a junction) to put some litter I saw in the bin. They decided I was in their way so they accelerated to get to the turning , and therefor at me, then screamed some nonesense. Has anyone else found Elmers End to be particularly bad for aggresive drivers?
    Usually I have a pretty thick skin for this kind of thing but today quite got to me and had to take some time out :(
    Hope he wraps his Evoque around a tree <3 We could, as a country, use a few less balding, pale, estate agents/middle managers driving badly-financed luxury vehicles.

  • Absolute odious overtaking today by a VW and van, close enough to bang wingmirors off.

    White van man then honked at tiny VW person to win Road Rage award of the week. I lost my chill.

    Anyways here are photos of the seals and crows at work, the wildlife is less wild than the ejits on the road.

    Happy Thursday!

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  • Wow, they try to run you off the road?

    That's messed up, sounds like the commute from hell.

  • sorry to hear about the shitty behavior of other road users.

    i had quite a chill ride in today.
    i rolled up behind a chap on an e-bike and decided to pass him as his speed was pretty inconsistent (slowing up and then zipping away again) then felt like i had to go full gas for a bit to get away from him.
    i won - it was quite good fun :) thanks e-bike man.

  • That last paragraph, all day long
    Hope the interest rate rise today clamps their nuts in over-extended-borrowing-vice-grip and they have to learn to walk again

  • Sleet most of the way in, get to work, can't remember if I'd locked the door properly. 5km TT back to the door, locked. Very wet return to work 😮💨

    Also, stretched my rapha overshoes onto my huaraches, felt very weird but it worked.

  • Also, stretched my rapha overshoes onto my huaraches

    Straight to golf club, do not pass go, etc.

  • Slightly worryingly I noticed one of my front track nuts was properly loose while at a set of lights on the ride home. Neglect or sabotage? Who knows, but I did stop to tighten front and back to be sure. The neglect is palpable, but I have been checking my crank bolts regularly as they’re campag cranks on the incorrect spindle (which I seem to remember means that they’ll always work loose).
    Finally bumped into the deliveroo rider who I said I’d tip when I got back in the house but then it wouldn’t let me. Gave him a fiver which he attempted to refuse. He’s the only delivery rider I’ve seen round here not on an e-bike which is a fair effort on the hills of Leeds. He told me he’s cycling to Mecca soon. Godspeed and inshallah Imran.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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