This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • I wonder what the person would have done if they actually pushed the wheelier off their bike? Ride off into the sunset? Stop at the next set of lights and stare ahead as the kid catches up and rightfully gets pissed at them? Stop and apologise?

  • Yeah finding it hard to sympathise with that guy. Hate it when people forcefully overtake. I don’t think he deserved to crash and eat shit but thems the breaks ;-)

  • If he'd been successful at pushing the kid off the bike, then the kid could have crashed headfirst into the car lane and got run over. Really dumb thing to do, he's lucky that he's the one that spilled.

  • Try reading my comment again

  • Fuck that Guy !

  • About 20 youths jumped the fence and descended onto the velopark last night all on oversized mountain bikes. Was lolz.

    They at least went the right way round the track.

  • I actually think those kids are great. They are so good at wheelies that I can't help but be really impressed whenever I see them cutting up traffic.

  • The kid might be being a prick but slow down and chill out


  • Some of us have been doing that for years, although not on oversized mountain bikes…

  • Riding home yesterday down a cycle path and slowly approached a scooter rider up ahead. Peds were around so I slowed to the same speed as scooter rider to hang back. Scooter rider suddenly noticed me, swerved and starting shouting something about using a bell.

  • Wednesday's commute. Not as sunny as Tuesday, but still rather pleasant.


  • That bar tape 👌

  • Cheers. Tis a bit vibrant.

  • happy international singlespeed day!

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  • Nice work.

    Don't think it was you, but my commute was brightened by someone on a purple Charge single speed this morning. The gentleman resolutely stuck to the main carriageway all the way from Chelsea Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge along the embankment, as a van tailgated him tooting his horn for the duration and gesticulating towards the cycle lane. The cyclist did not flinch or look back once. In any event, no one was inconvenienced at all, as everyone arrived at the lights together. Fun times and a fitting tribute to International Single Speed Day.

  • hah! no, not me, but kudos to the rider for staying zen.

  • Mental out there this morning. Are the trains still fucked? Just seemed like an ultimate filterfest for the first 6 miles of my morning.

    1. Traffic backed up most of the way through Richmond park between Kingston gate to Richmond I think (I turned off to go through the middle)
    2. Traffic backed up most of the way along Roehampton Lane.
    3. Traffic backed up over Barnes Bridge into Putney.
    4. Traffic backed up over Putney bridge because a Yaris had collided with either a London bus or lorry. Hope everyone was ok.
    5. Traffic backed up along Kings road because Fulham road closed due to above crash.

    Think all that carnage meant second half of the ride was actually more chilled. Seems like I passed a thousand cars though. Fuck driving through that. Probably only 10mins slower than normal for me though. Smug face.

  • Just Stop Oil are on the Dartford Crossing so cars will be going into town to avoid the M25.

    Luckily I don’t need anything from IKEA today.

  • headwind can GTFO - pedaling down hills is not on my morning commute wish list.
    really warm as well which isn't helping with clothing decisions in the mornings.

  • Yep, rode in a t shirt this morning. All the punters in their yellow jackets looked sweaty AF. November eh?!

  • Plenty of renegade commuters this morning, was entertaining tbh.

  • Near miss with a ped stepping into the East bound cycle lane just by the Lyric in Hammersmith this morning. Luckily wasn't travelling too quickly and didn't have anyone behind me. Hopefully the local residents get more used to the new layout at and approaching the gyratory - at the moment it's a bit of a free-for-all.

  • yeah I have the same experience most days on that same strip. Crazy round there.

  • Hopefully the local residents get more used to the new layout


  • Tortoise creating a traffic jam on the commute this morning

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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