This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • You might be able to make a claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau's fund

  • Indeed, he had already barged his way to the front of the waiting queue and was in the wrong side of the bike lane.

    In my pic he has just moved to his left/my right as the lights changed

  • Bus driver boosting past me to pull in to stop I'm basically already at, I admit he got a rate mouthful and my excuse is he knew what he was doing so I give him what he wanted. Prick.
    And the old man yesterday who jumped a red to block everyone off and ushered me to move with that pompous wave of fingers, palm down, can go fuck himself and all.

    Can't wait for winter, Im getting a flag and 50bajillion lumen lights.

  • Cunt-count noticeably up this week since the schools went back.

  • after a few close calls recently, I've penned a draft letter to a local school about 'dooring' and the Dutch reach. I know it's happened to a few others recently as well.
    just asking for some feedback on the following thread before I send it out.­63/

  • I almost became a living meme this morning.

    I got dressed in the half-light to avoid waking my wife. I was just about to walk out the front door when I thought I would have a quick pee.
    I glanced in the mirror and spotted that I had my bib shorts on inside out 😱😂

    After removing all my clothing and then re-dressing correctly I was off and out.

    Nonsuch Park was looking good today as was my new Burgh bar tape fitted yesterday evening

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  • hah! i was stood behind a guy in a coffee shop at the weekend who had running leggings on inside out with a big white label on show. almost considered letting him know...

    nice pics - love a misty morning commute

  • Thanks bud. It can be a difficult call on whether to say anything.

  • Inside-out bibs > worn, semi see-through bibs...

  • Abso-bloomin-lutely

    I was thinking of an example over summer. We caught up with a group of five riders near Richmond Park and one of them had very worn shorts.
    I considered saying something but thought nah, if her four mates can't tell her then she won't appreciate some random middle aged man commenting so I kept quiet and overtook them

  • I really couldn't be assed to ride my bike first thing this morning but the weather looked too good not to. Air cold enough to make my eyes water but sunny enough to be warm. Then I saw a pal sat in traffic on Staines bridge, I stopped and gave them a wave, and was reminded why I love riding to work so much!

  • Please redirect if a better place to ask...

    I cycle with my 10yo to school once a week, she walks the other days. We are not in London, but every week I feel like we are gambling with our safety as we pass by a busy secondary school. We want to persevere but it feels increasingly like risk>health, so I need to make some changes. My question is, with the two of us, what do you think is the best road position for the two of us? If she is in front I can keep an eye on her and half wheel a bit to improve our prominence. If behind she can follow my wheel but I can't easily see what she is doing. Or side by side? She is confident and able, but not so experienced in heavy traffic and anyway, the driving is abysmal.

  • Is there no alternative route? Even if it's a bit longer it might be worth it.

  • Whenever I rode / ride with my kids on the road (now 10 and 7) I would have them in front of me and me directly behind, calling out directions, encouragement etc. It's not perfect as there were and are occasions where i realised too late that something that seems obvious to me isn't to them, and I hadn't thought to pre-warn or explain it to them in advance, so I try as much as I can to preempt anything like that and explain it alongside them well in advance. But I would absolutely have them in front, as I can shield them by my own positioning and also see what they're doing and where they are!

  • Im jealous, got all ready and blew my tyre instantly. Sealant everywhere, couldn't re-seal etc. Swiftly plodded home to get changed and get the tube.

  • Argh, no! I was looking at my tyres at a set of lights thinking you can literally tell the weather has been on the change by the number of cuts and slashes.

  • nightmare isnt it, as soon as its a little bit wet!

    Though I have the admit, my current tyres (WTB Exposure 30c), are the worst tyres I've ever bought...

  • Also fine for the kids to ride on the pavement if needed, particularly at the busy bit if that helps.

  • We go daughter (8) in front, me behind. I feel I can spot potential problems and call them out to her but she is pretty good already (she's been riding to school on the roads for a few years now). Sadly the car brains in Bromley council have removed the lockdown cycling infrastructure on our route making it back into a rat run of speeding drivers so we have to go on the pavement for parts. I tend to run a little wide to ward off traffic and so they can see her in front of me.

  • Thanks all for the advice. There's not really a suitable alternative route, other roads will still include busy roads and junctions, or there's a big hill with an additional 2 miles, she's got to arrive in a fit state to study!! She hasn't previously gone in front as has been more confident to follow, but her road positioning is good now, so we'll do that as long as she is happy. If that doesn't work out for either reason, pavement for her is another option for a while.

  • when i ride on road sections with my daughter (11) i usually ride side by side and go single file where necessary with me at the back, that way i can make sure i'm not riding away from her.
    if we have to ride past anywhere that i feel is particularly tricky i make sure to ride in a defensive primary position and try and make regular eye contact with any drivers and also make (friendly) hand gestures for drivers to slow down or back off if i feel people are driving too fast / close.

    has your daughter done any cycle training through school etc?

  • Same bloody thing this morning, f these tyres.

  • Received an unusual amount of abuse today and I can't for the life of me understand why

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  • It was the backpack

    @Tijmen has people everywhere now

  • Noticeably more people biekcommuting out here in the shires in the last two weeks
    Cost of living biting?

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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