This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Yes, possibly 2018? Snow hung around for quite a while. I had a terrible flu that year, and no work, so I had the stove lit and read books for about two weeks solid. Bought studded tyres the following winter, and … nothing

  • Bought studded tyres the following winter, and … nothing

    Hold the line, your time will come and with it, much smugness. Though TBH it's just great fun in the snow, esp not worrying about binning it at every turn.

    Found my post:­

  • 8th February 2021

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  • Very tired this week and have bailed every day and driven to work. Really needed to summon all the HTFU I could muster this morning to get on the bike. Chilly, but absolutely lovely weather as expected.

  • Commuted from SE24 to Holloway road yesterday, first time this year.

    Rode fixed with a big new Carradice.

    It was really very pleasant.

    Let's hope the MoJo springs eternal.

  • Cycling into the City this morning I was turning right onto Southgate Road from Dove Road when a pedestrian stepped out in front of me. I braked and swerved and then realised that it was a particularly scruffy Dominic Cummings. “Oh, hello” I said. “Hello” he replied and we went about our days.

  • well done for obeying the new highway code!

  • Time for another eye test, I'd said to him.

  • Holloway Road? If you ever fancy a coffee, please do give me a shout. It would be good to catch up.

  • Holloway Road? If you ever fancy a coffee, please do give me a shout. It would be good to catch up.

    Yeah, I'm up at London Met.

    Coffee sounds good, one Monday. I'll drop you a line.

  • Marvellous

  • Definitely one of the warmer commutes in so far this year!

  • Definitely. Too many layers. Boil-in-the-bag…

  • Jealous of everyone's commute this morning, the girlfriend tested positive so isolating... Looks lovely though

  • I suppose it's just as well that it wasn't in Canonbie, or he could have become Canonbie Cummings.

  • He does live in Canonbury. I saw him on the ward border as he was returning home.

  • He's well known as a bit of a bounder, though.

    As far as I know (from reports of journalists camping out outside his house), he lives east of the Essex Road, which is definitely not Canonbury.

  • Yeah, pretty sure he lives in De Beauvoir

  • Along with the rest of the metropolitan elite?

  • Nice conditions this morning, having a month of using the geared commuter which hasn’t seen much use for a couple of years. Today it was much smoother having done up the three chainring bolts that were still on it and replaced the two that fell out over the last week or so last night.

  • slow as slow can be this morning, every red light, every bit of traffic, even had a chap wash out directly in front of me after taking a corner a little confidently. yawn.

  • Saw a brilliant one the other evening. Red light on Bishopsgate, a bunch of cyclists pull over to the left to allow a police van onto our side of the road, so it can avoid the queue of traffic at the lights on its side of the road. Except one self-entitled lady, who either entirely oblivious to the flashing blue lights and 120db siren attached to a giant white van coming towards, or just didn't give a fuck, cruised through the red light straight towards it. She swerved out of the way with maybe two inches to spare. And then she tutted.

  • east of the Essex Road, which is definitely not Canonbury.

    It is in the Ward of Canonbury (which curiously, Canonbury Square is not).

    ******* Road

  • Don’t know where to put this but has there been any feedback / discussion about the shit cycle lane on Northumberland Avenue leading up to Trafalgar?

    I know the road is heavy with traffic most hours of the day during the week, somewhat exaggerated by the reduction of two lanes into one, making room for a wide cycle lane / bus lane (they shouldn’t be there but it’s hard to pull up to the stop / waiting area without sitting in traffic).

    Always seem to find the odd dick that doesn’t want to wait in the line of traffic and will undertake just to go to the front, completely obscuring the cycle lane and bike box / ASL.

    occasionally i’ll filter to the front and wait in the bike box until the light goes red, just to prove a point. Can there not be a camera erected or lane separator installed to prevent idiot motorists doing this?

    I know I’m being an idiot but its annoying that TfL has made it a temporary cycle lane with a solid white line, yet motorists drive over it without fear of consequence.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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