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  • Then when we were cycling down court lane there was a driver doing between 40/50mph in the other direction. just crazy.

    I take it this was on the wide bit? I've almost never cycled along there, but I just had a look on StreetView and saw that they'd put a filter in at the junction with Calton Avenue, as part of the 'junction closure in trial':


    Is that still there?

    I don't know where the other filters are in the area, but if Court Lane is only filtered at that end, this is a very badly thought-out scheme, as obviously people will still rat-run along most of the length of Court Lane and then take another route before they get to the filter. This may also cause even worse driver behaviour than before, as people get nervous and angry about not being able to drive more directly.

    I support filtering, but unfortunately the vast majority of these schemes are badly done, which is partly caused by the fact that you'd really have to filter everything in one go to get it right. Failing that, you don't want to start with a high-profile 'town centre' location like the junction of Dulwich Village, Court Lane, and Calton Avenue, but do the residential streets first, i.e. in this case filter the area east of that junction, including Court Lane (starting by defining cell boundaries, which I won't do here, as I don't know the area well enough). As Dulwich Village should remain a cell boundary, you want to place the filters further back in that cell, so that rat-running, especially fast, along Court Lane is actually addressed. Unfortunately, the protesters want the filtering to just be scrapped as opposed to having it improved:­housand-voices-cry-out-against-dulwich-l­tns/

    Anyway, sympathies. It's not how you want to start your morning.

  • Sorry to hear this. I've seen an increase in impatient and selfish behaviour (deliberate ran running of motor vehicles through LTNs, a council van beeping at a mum who had right of way crossing a side road with a pushchair). It seems worse at this time of year.

  • To all cyclists out tonight with their lovely newly purchased Lezyne Boondongle1GigawattXXXL lights. Turn them at the damn road and not into the sky/my eyes. Thanks.


  • Thank you for the sympathetic comments!

    @Oliver Schick the LTN is still there, I don’t hate it but I’m rarely in the area and dont drive so it doesn’t have a chance to directly affect me, but as you mention maybe it encourages bad driving around it.

    Something def needs to be done along that stretch (the ‘high street’ section with the shops) - as it is regularly congested, and when it isn’t you deal with impatient drivers speeding through it. also a nightmare during the school rush hours. I’m not in the area enough to know how busy the surrounding streets are.

  • I take it this was on the wide bit?

    It’s quite a long wide road, iirc we passed the driver before the court lane entrance to Dulwich park, they were heading towards Lordship Lane / forest hill.

  • Something def needs to be done along that stretch

    It's partly the concentration of schools Alleyns/JAGS/Charter 1 & 2/Dulwich Hamlet +
    Plus the concentration of people who feel the need to drive their cars a mile down the road from Dulwich.

  • They should all get R+M / UA cargo bikes (4x4 of Cargo) 😆

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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