This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Unfortunately no one to police it so people will take advantage of that. It been quite hectic in the part after 8am now.

  • That could be expensive, as a lot of stuff around Regent's Park is listed.

  • First time seeing the lufguss jersey IRL, on a gentleman with iridescent bar tape and matching shoes.

  • Anyone else resemble a drowned rat this morning?

  • Not loving being back on the OKR for my work commute so looking for new routes between Lower Sydenham and Clerkenwell. Mornings are generally OK but the evenings just feel too stressful these days. Do people on here use Q1? More specifically the Surrey canal path section and section through Peckham high st. My first experience of it last week felt like a slow trudge with a lot of dodgy riders, irritated peds and stressed out dogs however it's clearly safer and didn't actually add that much time. I'll stick with the canal path for now but can't imagine it'll be much fun in the dark.

    Any other suggestions?

  • Haven't commuted in ages but generally used to do Waterlink Way up to Ladywell, pick out some quiet roads through St Johns up to Deptford and then join the Q1.

    Nice chilled out ride, would recommend.

  • Or Lordship Lane -> Denmark Hill -> Walworth Rd -> E&C when that gets boring.

  • Yup. Still drying out, despite full wets (no mudguards though, which was a big mistake).

  • I was walking out the door when I realised I had forgotten about my mudguards, very happy I remembered before it was too late!

    (using the musguard front and rears, very good I have to say!)

  • Royal Parks

    This is what I took from the above also. e-mailed + response says gates owned by Crown Estates Paving Commission (?), who will be in touch because they don't like their stuff getting broked.

  • OKR in 2021!!? Who are you? @dubtap ?!

    With @abr on that one, Waterlink way > I'd even say Loampit > str8 into fordham park > Q1.

  • Somewhere SW?
    You probably didn't recognise me as am now superfat®

  • Yo, Barnes/Roehampton lights just before the left-turn to Priory.

  • Ah- you had the super long bike?
    Sorry I was deep in music mode that day- testing out a new position briefly outdoors before returning to the turbo cave

  • I had the PST (Pretty Steel Thing) with teh fadez. I wouldn't consider it super long?

  • Autocorrect- lush*

  • Yeah you might call it that, but I use £5 bar tape to compensate.

  • Cheers, will give this a try, not a big fan of shared paths but it'd be nice to have a chill ride option.

  • OKR in 2021!!?

    Even worse, OKR riding fixed on skinny tyres.

  • Yeah, generally there's hardly anyone on either WW or Q1, nothing like canal paths in central for example.

  • I feel that. Used to ride OKR daily with a similar setup...really not recommendable as it begins to get dark before rush hour kicks in. If you're trying to cross at London or Southwark Bridge another way round OKR would be up the C17 along Portland & Brandon St. from the northern side of Burgess Park. It'll bring you out at the Heygate redevelopment without too much traffic. Cross NKR and pick your way through the estates off Newington Causeway to come out just past Borough Station

  • Really? I used to loved the OKR commute in the dark. Sprint the whole length, made me feel like the bit when the boulder is chasing in Indy in Raiders.

  • Anyone else loving the current state of hardly any traffic, everyone keeping you the speed limit, and no aggressive overtaking? Absolute dream…

  • Nice after the rains had stopped. Cs7 water jumps at Balham flooded as usual,. Had a proper go at some wanker on an ebike today at Tooting Bec tube, undertaking, close overtakes, general tosserishness, fucking irritating as we are all just going to work.

  • Some retard driver has completely smashed up the busy cycle crossing lights on embankment, CS3. Absolute chaos this morning with 100s of cyclists trying to cross the road without the lights.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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