This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Sometimes I just can’t even begin to imagine what bought this to a conclusion.
    Spotted just now on the way home.
    How could anyone be so angry at a seat?
    Oh, and two close passes and a stop because chickens were in the road. Never a dull moment in the shires.

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  • Lovely Vigorelli on Chiswick High Road this morning, gave each other a fleeting 'hi' as I cycled past.

    I was on my, less lovely, Vigorelli...

  • first commute since sept 2020 this morning.
    felt really anxious about going back into the office, thankfully the ride helped sort my brain out a bit.

  • The sunrise was nice.

  • Am often very thankful to the morning commute for this very reason! Hope the first day back in goes well!

  • thanks! yes, i've certainly missed the commute headspace (and fitness...)
    i'm hoping it also helps me get my cycling mojo back as well.

  • got a few weeks until my first one but already thinking about it

  • Even with home office I often do a "bike commute" or a run before, just for the brain-sorting-outing factor.

  • i did this a few times at the start of the first lockdown but didn't stick with it.
    bought a turbo, hated it and sold it, etc. etc. - same as a lot of people i suspect!

  • Leave early, and enjoy it, rather than have to run late and stressed!

  • @crossedthread - That seat in South Oxfordshire outside Reading? If so I passed that yesterday.


  • Lovely day to ride an 80 year old bike to work!

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  • Pencil seat stays. All lovely.

  • 2 vans pulled out on me this morning. Sigh. New commute isn't great.

  • That’s lovely.

  • I saw the weirdest thing on my commute this morning. I had just come over Blackfriars bridge on my way towards Holborn and there was a male and female cyclist coming the other way with no clothes on.

    Was so shocked I forgot to ask them to DAS

    Anyone know what that’s about some kind of protest or something?

  • I'm pretty sure I saw that nice Mr Wiggogins ride along Wellington Street once, but I'm extremely rubbish at spotting people, and I was sitting in the pub, so not 100%. This was about 20 years ago, I think.

  • Yesterday in Shoreditch a pedestrian nearly got themselves crippled by stepping out into traffic looking the wrong way. The guy was standing at a stoplight on full green on an A road, then suddenly stepped out right in front of a road cyclist going 25-28mph. Cyclist swerved hard and could’ve easily reach out to touch him. Split second delay in their reaction and they would’ve both been taken to hospital.

    In positive news, it’s another sunny commute this morning 😎

  • @Mashton how’s your new commute going? Also going back to school, I am well impressed and not a little envious

  • Eddie Stobart cab towing Morrisons trailer made a complete cobblers of coming out of Regent's Park gate at Park Square East, turning left onto Marylebone Rd towards Euston. Driver couldn't make the turn and had to forward/back several times in rush hour traffic - lights very red at this point, almost as red as the driver's face. Driver then gave up this approach and just went for it, with the back quarter of the trailer smashing into the gates and scraping down the side. Big dent in trailer, but I was too busy trying to make the turn (having waited on the yellow hashed bit, already through the junction in the opposite direction) to see whether they had trashed the gates too.

    Will tweet Stobart and Morrisons to at least put on their radar, not that they will give a shit. Anyone else to report to (no idea of extent of the damage, as not in today - will go past tomorrow am to check)? (didn't get plates, as I was riding)

  • Council park service, they should have an online form or email. Say you witnessed at x time, let them do the rest.

  • Ta. Will get onto it in the morning.

  • I'd be asking WTF a lorry was doing in Regent's Park in the first place. It's clearly signed no access for trade or business unless authorised.

    Probably the Royal Parks you want to get in touch with rather than any council.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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