This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Christ it was busy today, insane amounts of traffic. Lockdown is over huzzah

    Normally I use these metal mugs for taking overnight porridge to work, they fit in a stem bag and the lid is tight. Has anyone got a better solution before I buy more as 2 have gone mouldy over lockdown!

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  • Where have they gone mouldy? A good soak them in Milton's steriliser/denture cleaner or similar should sort them out. I use Thermos food flasks for porridge/soup, which are a bit wider and stumpier than your mugs; with all of these flasks I find the seals can be a bit of a PITA to clean, but if need be I just soak them in steriliser.

  • Talking of traffic; anyone else felt the resurgence of the trademark LDN Road Rage from motorists over the last two weeks?

    I've had roughly ten or so highly charged aggressive incidents over the last 14 days, including two brake checks (to dead still) one of which caused me to crash and loose some skin (yes, they drove off).

    I even had an (off duty) ambulance treating me like some sort of subhuman road obstacle whilst I was trying to transport an unwieldy garden incinerator which was strapped to my back.

    I almost hope it's just me (I generally refuse to take shit from motorists) because otherwise it's a saddening state with the increase in cyclists now on the road, they'll only get scared off again.

  • I am doing mostly night rides and even though there is almost nobody around a lot of the remaining interactions have been horrific, worst being deliveroo type cunts and some red buses, which is baffling since they don't have passengers, traffic to get stuck in or anywhere important to be.
    It feels like the people left on the streets are mostly malfunctioning.

  • I think it’s pretty much back to normal ... with added cars as people keep off the tube and buses, so more traffic , more congestion .... more cunt behaviour ... with the frustration of seeing even more bicycles going past them.
    And people know they can get away with anything as there’s no traffic police to tell them off ... !

  • @may I think you both make some good observations. Definitely some malfunctioning city drones out there and more bicycles on the road isn't helping their ill-aimed anger issues.

  • red buses, which is baffling since they don't have passengers

    Empty buses on the way back to the depot have always been the worst drivers. Cutting in and out of bus lanes and belting along inches from your wheel.

  • No gravel on my commute today. Fingers crossed I can come through here from now on, weather permitting.

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  • About to commute from Brockley to Shoreditch for the first time in over a year.
    I have struggled to get on the bike at all in the last year tbh.

    Climbing on the bike with an extra stone and a half of weight and a heavy load of social anxiety

  • you're not alone.
    missing out on my commute fitness level (+ associated mental health benefit) big time. i'm not even sure how i found the time to commute before WFH.

  • We need a list.

    1. @WjPrince
    2. @bigshape
    3. @TW
  • I'm commuting in every day, have been whatever the weather =]

  • Am back to it from Monday. Suspect I’ll mostly be arriving gasping, sweaty, sweary and late.
    Also. Sorry. Can’t do the list thing, am too stupid.

  • Beautiful cycle in.
    Except for the shouty hybrid bikey hi-vis prick yelling Highway Code shit at me. Wtf mate, you were cycling on the pavement just now so, maybe go fuck yourself yeah? Or shout at some vans and reap that reward.

  • I've been getting the chance about once a week recently. Been really enjoying it whatever the weather, but yesterday was really nice.

    The roads over my way are absolutely wrecked though. Commuting on the Rudy with 2.3" tyres is a bit harder but takes all the worry out of that. Pavé! I am seeing more and more bikes with bigger tyres like that now, I think more riders are having the same idea.

  • 23" tyres is a bit harder


  • "Hello" to the person who overtook me today early afternoon on Commercial Road and waved at me. Tried to catch up but was too tired from work on the way to work. It brightened up my grey day! I'm sure you're on the forum :)

  • Got to go over to Richmond this morning.

    BBC reckons 5% chance of rain

    Weather app on my 'phone reckons 100%.

    Given it's currently very overcast, I think the BBC need to take a long hard look at themselves.

  • So quiet today.
    Is the whole country in hangover wfm mode?

  • I saw loads if bikes this morning, probably the most bike commuters I've ever seen.

  • Is the whole country in hangover wfm mode?

    Round here (SW15) I reckon a significant percentage of families drove away on holiday yesterday (if my daughter's classmates cohort are anything to go by).

    SW London feels empty today, which is nice.

  • Also noticed more than usual commuter activity, including someone vomiting on Q1 this morning.

  • That's what trying to keep up with @Mickie_Cricket does to you.

  • I haven’t been beyond a 5km radius of my house in about 6-8 months.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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