This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Yeah, definitely get that. It's kinda of useful for me though to work late because it means I can do code deploys or make changes to live shit after hours. Previously I'd work a full day, ride home and then have to get into work mode again, whereas if I kinda of just do a bit of work, do a bit of dinner, do a bit of work, I dunno it does blur the work/home line but it feels nicer than getting fully into chill mode and then at 9pm remembering I have to do a release and then I'm up later after fucking around with that.

    For heart rate increase I've also started doing more off road stuff. Lots of clench moments that don't involve bouncing off a car (maybe a tree though).

  • I might have posted this before but these edited highlights from Summer 2019 of my London-based commute pretty much sums up what I miss

    Grown Man's Sport (Gandhi mix)

  • I wish I had the social skills to make friends in general let alone commuting cycling friends.

    +1 for missing the daily commute. I did a loop of it today cause I miss it. Now I’m scared I breathed in someone’s covid air.

  • You didn’t. Not riding about on your bike. Get some air. It’s good for you.

  • Fatty Mcfatfat, today I was declared too fat for Flite and was almost pitchforked by my own saddle.

    Went over minor pothole at quite a speed, massive crack sound, thought it was frame or wheel at first, then front alu rails snapped off completely and just fell into the road, and the saddle slid back off the rear prongs and into the road, amid shrieks from me of 'what the fucking fuck!'.

    5 mile cycle ride home standing up, hella tiring not being able to sit down at all, but no better way to lose some Xmas ballast than the threat of being skewered if you sit down. I do love my bike but it telling me in January that I need to go on a diet still leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

  • Ouch, glad you're OK. That could have been nasty.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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