This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Yes. This ^
    Also: I’ve noticed more lane segregating posts installed in the Clapham > Balham stretch of that road. Given the way the road is between Clapham South and Balham (single lane, lots of exits/entrances) this forces cyclists into a single file behind the slowest plodder /or/ to take one’s chances nipping between the posts (encountering traffic randoms).
    Way too much extra drama in that run of streets.

  • I’ve stuck in a complaint to Wandsworth on their automated system, not expecting much but you’d have thought some sort of design process went into this. Annoyingly my feet were nice an dry till I hit these fubars.
    Southbound is definitely worse, as you say way too much drama.

  • Have also stuck a complaint in.

  • and to @vilms5000

    If you are a resident or can be bothered,
    it is worth checking on the LB Wandsworth website to find which Councillor and Cabinet member
    have responsibility for 'Cycling' or 'Highways'.
    Elected councillors are sometimes more susceptible to democratic pressure than council officers.

  • Wandsworth Cycling Campaign are fairly active, so it might be worth giving them a shout.

    @vilms5000 I've found wands separating cycle lanes to be frustrating for exactly that reason (not there, but along Grosvenor Road); however, that road from Clapham South to Balham might be TfL, rather than Wandsworth BC. Also, getting any cycling infrastructure in place in Wandsworth is a nightmare (they just removed all their LTNs pretty much in one day because of local pressure) because guess which political party controls the council! As such, I'd think twice before complaining about inclusive cycling infrastructure just because it slows us down a bit.

  • As such, I'd think twice before complaining about inclusive cycling infrastructure just because it slows us down a bit.

    Aye. Good points. I think you’re right about it being a TfL thing. And YES, the LTN removal was a shocker and has returned Glenburnie Rd to its original rat-run state. I can’t cmd-z my complaint (but if it’s not WBC then maybe they’ll enjoy putting me straight) but I will comment on the LTN removals, not least because when the nearest planter had its olive tree nicked, we stuck some shrubs in there. All gone : /

    (no, seriously, all good points, thank you)

  • Yup. Good idea. Thanks.

  • Cycled to work to feed the Clever Corvoids.

    It's Baltic all of a sudden but sunny so no complaints.

    Traffic is still light few people are working in office. Our security guy has merged with his seat cronenberg style by now ;)

    (Actually he's happy enough luckily, none of us are in)

  • Ha ha! Closest ever to be taken out by a car crossing in front at a junction, tailwind of the year so far, clattered by tree shit, carried biek over a fallen tree in a lane, commute Friday such laughs, now cooking chilli >>>>> threadwhatevet

  • Spotted a mashed up Union Flag 🇬🇧 umbrella discarded on the ride in today. Unable to withstand the wind and rain, a metaphor for our times.

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  • Weirdly aggressive mood out there for the Friday evening rush. Everyone going full gas, charging about.

  • nice Cinelli locked up outsdie Richmond station yesterday with a v cheap lock; hope it is not nicked

  • Colindale-Marble Arch. Acceptable ride on the A5?

  • Mostly yes, but it won't be fun. I used to ride it North bound and made use of the flyover but it was almost always during daytime.

  • Dropped my chain coming home yesterday evening, glad I have a front brake.
    Must act quicker when I can tell it's loose. Like a month quicker.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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