This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Depends if your bike is eye catching and what lock you used to lock your bike up, but from past experience if it a nice/expensive bike it is usually taken.

    Can't you take your bike indoors?

  • I commute in from Brighton and have a shuttle bike that gets left outside Victoria overnight.
    I was quite quickly put to work form home and didn't have a chance to organise things.
    The bike is deliberately ratty (I've been leaving bikes outside in London for a decade) and locked up with a D-Lock.
    I was more thinking of local council taking it away.

  • Well I wasn't expecting that!

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  • What the hell. is there a d-lock? Is that frame fucked? That's a lot of anger someone let out on that rear wheel.

  • RIP.
    Everything on that bike was bought on lfgss other than the perishables and I've had it over various guises for around 5 years.
    Ride with the angels babz.

  • It was D-locked, I had just unlocked it.
    Sadly, classic smashed by a vehicle. Frame is bent so a write off. I can salvage some bits though.

  • classic smashed by a vehicle.

    That far up on the pavement??? That's absurd! Well, I'll have a look at work and see what spares I can draw up for you. I don't have a frame, but pretty sure I have a rear wheel you can have.

  • That far up on the pavement??? That's par for the course for vehicle operators.

  • Does anyone think since covid drivers are worse than before? It's just in my head I'm sure but it felt like before lockdown in march drivers were basically insane and they've not gotten better.

  • It's one way on the section and judging by the angle it's been hit I'd say something has reversed into it. Something large as well because that wheel is in utter bits.
    Thanks for the offer. I'm still not commuting regularly so not in need of a replacement yet but I'll give you shout if that changes.

  • Wow. I assume it was a hit-and-run? Did anyone see it or did you just discover it like this?

    What a shame. Hope you manage to put together a good replacement.

  • Yeah, no note, obviously, just found it like this.
    I hadn't been back to London for 4 months so who knows when it happened.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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