This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Yeah, it's a bit of a hidden gem. Reccomend it at sunset as there is no one about and the sun sets over the palace/ end of the long water.

    Its basically a nice gravel loop in Henry VIII's back garden.

  • No dog in this fight so won't offer opinion on wheelsitting or Regents Park cycling etiquette, but maybe extending the commute by taking a less direct route to work or "overshoot & loop back" to avoid stressy dicks & get the desired miles under your saddle.

  • Again fair point, I'd just always assumed it was the way things were at Regent's Park, almost an unwritten rule.

    As far as I'm aware Richmond Park doesn't have nearly the same level of bunched riding - but I'm not a Richmond local

  • This wind can fuck right off
    Felt like I was living back on the south coast today

  • As far as I'm aware Richmond Park doesn't have nearly the same level of bunched riding - but I'm not a Richmond local

    Cycling is currently banned in Richmond Park except for key workers using it to commute (and under 13 year olds).

    I ran through it early this afternoon (Roehampton Gate to Robin Hood Gate) and I saw just one cyclist (no idea if they should have been in there or not). It felt utterly empty, I probably only saw 20 people in the 10 minutes I was in the park, less than I'd normally see on that run. Was a little bit chilly and windy though, but nice to run on the road for a change.

  • Was a little bit chilly and windy though

    Yeah I think that'll have been the reason. The tow path was emptier this morning too, which was understandable as there were some gusts that peppered all kinds of grit into my eyes as I was going along...

    It was definitely busier same time last week, when it was warmer and less windy.

  • This was me. I ride at regents a lot and don't draft anyone I don't know.

    If I'm working hard to actively avoid groups, give loads of space, and doing my own thing surely that should be respected? Instead, I look over my shoulder to see a tail of 7 people on my wheel.

    I actually asked you far more politely earlier on but you had headphones in so my request was met with a blank expression.

    No one should be drafting during covid, regents or anywhere.

  • Yup, giving Regent's Park a miss for the duration. And right now it's hellish anyway with the gale blowing all that crap off the horse-chestnut trees into your eyes.

  • Loads of single occupants of metal boxes sitting in long queues through Petersham like that's a perfectly civilised and sane thing to do. Shame the language used by Boris Johnson left active travel as an after thought: 'when you do go to work, if possible do so by car [or even better by walking or bicycle]' .

  • noticed this too - although it seems like its in adifferent form as to how it normally was pre-corona? are they doing work by the lights or something? (i turn off and go by the river skipping the hills)

  • first cycle commute in an age. Roads quiet, the birdsong broken only by my wheezing.
    8/10 will cycle again once i catch my breath.

  • Lovely commute this morning, first proper warm one in to work. Few more bikes around, traffic levels around Tooting getting back to normalish, no doubt this means a return of twattery

  • Not really a commute, but took the emirates cable car back from a ride this morning. Spooooooky

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  • Nice: They use LT moquette on the seating!

  • I used to use that daily on my commute. It always looks like that!

  • I used to use [the dangleway] daily on my commute.

    That makes you one of a very select group, did they send you a Christmas card?

  • No Christmas card, but I got 20 free tickets as a Christmas treat. As much as it’s a fucking dumb way of getting to work, the staff there are normally pretty friendly and cool. Guess they’re just pleased to see the occasional familiar face.

  • From my club’s forum re Richmond Park today;

    Don’t know if this is the right place to add, but cycling through the park from work this morning. Time approx 0740am
    I saw at least a handful of silver tacks were spread at the beginning of the roundabout up towards Sawyers Hill in the direction of Richmond Gate roundabout.
    I reported it one of the marshalls on my exit to Kingston gate.
    Just keep a look out.

  • Is the park open to cycling now?

  • Partially:­mond-park/richmond-park-news/the-return-­of-cycling-to-richmond-park

    tldr is any time before 10am and after 4pm, and not on the stretch of road between Kingston and Roehampton (via Robin Hood).

  • This afternoon’s commute ... shit shoes confirmed.

    These are almost new Giro shoes (a fairly basic model). I guess I’ve learnt my lesson - don’t ever deviate from Sidi.

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  • Should be an easy fix at least. Until the other one follows suit...

  • I wouldn’t feel safe. This almost caused a tumble.

  • Don't blame you. I had a fall recently when my SPD pedal body detached itself from the spindle without warning. Not an experience I'd want to repeat.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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