This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • I think I'll knock this one on the head we've clearly got way to much time on our hands and it's only day four of isolation for me. Maybe I'll take more of a spectators approach I'm sure there will be plenty of pointless nonsense to observe 😊

  • Lovely morning for lock down commuting. CS7 into town much quieter, bit of a chill but very sunny. Maybe half a dozen or so other cyclists. Hopefully decent weather holds for a bit.

    Far fewer pedestrians so hopefully message is getting through, still lots of builders vans two up though.

  • I'm seeing this a lot, it's insane! I'm driving around as I look after NHS clinics (and here is my signed letter from the Chief NHS Executive Mr Police Officer ) but my company has forbade any engineers working as pairs.

    The odd thing I see is lone workers driving a van with a facemask on. What's that all about?

  • As someone who works on site (I cycle to work, obviously) I'm genuinely fucked off that we haven't been shut down. The amount of people who are turning up in pairs, flouting all the social distancing rules whst they're here etc. is putting the whole of society at risk.
    I'm in Brighton and we've still got people travelling down from south London to work here.
    We need the government to close this industry, unless they are essential works, so that the firms can claim the 80% payment otherwise we can't afford to stop working and the lockdown will achieve nothing as people will continue to spread this virus.
    Rant over.

  • Puncture on the TURBO, can't make it up!

  • Bit of sun this morning on cs7, very light on other cyclists, but obviously still loads of cars and vans. Got in and did 15 laps of my office, straights aren’t long enough and it’s a bit tight into the kitchen but would do again.

  • Dalston to hackney Wick this morning , no Victoria Park so have to stick to roads round the top of the park. Four faster than normal cars within that 200m of roads within 1/2m of my front wheel... social distancing my arse!

  • M25 at about 5:45pm yesterday. Traffic was coming in little crowded groups and then going quiet for a bit, but at 5:45pm it would normally be at a near standstill here!

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  • F**k

  • Far fewer vehicles on the way in this morning, hardly any builders vans, and a few more bikes than yesterday. Vauxhall one way was a bit like the m25 photo above.

  • had some absolute weapon in an audi come flying round a blind junction on the wrong side of the road straight towards me this morning on my "commute" - luckily he saw me with enough time to correct, but what a fucking douchebag!

    otherwise, a lovely ride to work(ing from home)

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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