This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Bloody hell, glad you're alright. That sounds intense.

    There seems to be something going on in the area this evening. I was driving down earlier from Holloway and a posse of mopeds were on Highbury roundabout on the pavement harassing people.

  • Sorry to hear this. Really.
    Stay safe.

  • Fucking hell. Well done.

  • Sounds reasonable to me, just consider your words on a public forum.

    Edit: Well done

  • Yeah, I did reconsider that. I was a bit hyped up last night when I wrote that. Don’t think either of them will be reporting me to the plod though.

  • Was this in Highbury Fields?

  • Sort of. I tried to lose them and with hindsight I shouldn’t have used the alleyway, but they followed me and came up either side of me, demanding my bike. I had my lock out and swung out and caught one right in the face with it, he went down like a sack of shit. I swung at the other but he dropped his presumably stolen bike and ran off. I made sure the first one had broken hands/wrists/arms before riding off.

    Fuck me, I was so angry. I think a large part of it was for those cyclists they’d probably robbed before and got away with. I don’t normally ride that way but I was a bit sick with Corona virus or whatever so I was on my Brommie and heading to H&I tube station, normally I ride south down the A10 so I’m not worries about confronting them again.

  • Is it wise putting this kind of detailed information on here?
    You’re essentially admitting to assault and providing time and location.

  • Fucking hell.

  • Wind, then rain, then hail on the way in this morning. Should've WFH'd.

  • @Velocio I had a really windy commute today

  • Looked ok when I left home, then sleet / snow and a nice icy wind.

    My partner who dropped me off in his warm car to Brompton the rest down remarked "Sure, once you are out in it, it isn't as bad as it looks"

    Careful now... ;)

    At least the big radiator in the hallwarm at work was on and toasty and could dry up there.

  • I had a really windy commute today

    I hear you, it was pretty wild.

  • Absolutely flew into work feeling like Sagan, looking forward to the struggle on the way back. Would much rather it the other way round. Maybe I should move to Southend.

  • Point taken. Edited.

  • That was an unpleasant ride home. Hail really stings your face, doesn't it?

  • That was maybe the worst yet

  • Jesus kin Christ! Biblical out there: face shredding hail storm, mad gustiness, zero visibility, 2" surface water, non-working brakes and some poor guy being attended to by a paramedic in the middle of Dalston Lane after being knocked off his motorbike. Oh, and an Uber driver honking to get past said paramedic. The guy was talking and moving, so hopefully not too serious. ...

  • For reasons of childcare, I cut my commute down by using the Fucking Stupid Cablecar to get to North Greenwich. Of course, the Fucking Stupid Cablecar doesn’t work in high winds as it is, by design, fucking stupid. TFL have a status updates page for it on their website, but it displays as running a good service whether it is running a good service, a bad service or a fucking stupid service, which I assume is all part of the Fucking Stupid experience. Anyway, having got to the docks this morning to discover that predictably, and despite the good service status touted online, the fucking stupid thing was in fact being Fucking Stupid, I decided to ditch my bike at Canning Town and take the Jubilee Line one stop to North Greenwich. Forty five fucking stupid minutes later I arrived in work, because it turns out the rest of the fucking stupid public transport system is also fucking stupid.

    I hate that fucking cablecar, I hate Boris Fucking Stupid Johnson, and I hate public transport. Wankers.

  • If you have to wait to enter the south 'terminal' to head north on the FSCC Otis like being in a wind tunnel with nowhere to hide until they open the FSCC again.

    Did it with kids a couple of Sundays ago. Such fun

  • It’s so fucking stupid. At times I find myself wondering if no one at the design stage looked at it all and thought ‘hang on, this thing won’t work in high winds, and we’re putting it across a river, which is a natural wind corridor?’ and then I remember that terms like ‘design stage’ and ‘thought’ don’t apply to this fucking stupid endeavour.

    Still, cheap at only £60 million. What else could they have spent that money on, really?

  • Some sort of bridge that’s got a garden on it or something?

  • The tower blocks nearby also help the wind to rush along

  • Piffle paffle wiffle waffle

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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