This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Round two today then. I feel short changed after another relatively calm downwind cruise into town. Fortunately it's picking right up again this evening so get Brendan all up in my face on the way home. Coming over the rise in the middle of Richmond Park last night was like a wall of air.

  • Oh yeah, props to the woman riding through Bayswater last night holding her front brake caliper over her handlebars by the brake outer. Left loosey righty tighty? Dunno what was going on there. Maybe she busted someone trying to nick it. I've never seen a caliper bolt come loose though.

  • Missed my bike quite a lot this morning as my toddler excitedly put on his crash helmet in anticipation, and I did a sadface inside as I took him to the car.

    Edit. From a driver’s perspective: people are driving like real dicks in this weather - ride safely, folks.

  • Well, yesterday evening did feel a bit borderline at points. Having deep wheels probably does not help in crosswinds though, so... partially my own fault really.

  • Such a change of weather. Rolling out from Central towards North London, pleasure and nearly dry road.... then baaam 5 min of rain around Finchley and I'm soaking wet

  • There's been a big white Rangerover YPLACCED over the footpath the whole week.
    In the exact same spot every day, right next to the entrance to a parking garage.

    When I cycled past I saw they got a parking ticket today. GOOD :)

  • WFH today, it's the first time this week its not been pissing down. I'm sure normal service will be resumed tomorrow when I'm back in the office.

  • Commute in yesterday had strong headwind in and then it switched for the return with a vicious headwind for the return journey. Still was an enjoyable ride, largely, owing much to the knowledge that I missed a torrent on the last quarter of the journey. Rain had been so heavy that the gutters and drains were overflowing.

  • Live from the scene of Cambridge's new anti-terrorist barrier:­7743285160173569

  • interesting to see how people adapt. im absolutely stunned that those make deliveries can actually do the bit by foot!

  • Oh joy, that'll make cycling on King's Parade even better... and it was already annoying as fuck.

  • Deliveries will probably mostly be done before 9:30, when the barrier closes, no? The good thing is that it'll stop the large number of taxis and private cars moving up to Great St. Mary's, and then reversing in the tiny space there in the middle of droves of tourists and with cyclists going both ways.

  • Anyone see me go pop on Camden Road this morn?
    Bastard drain cover.
    Worth reporting?

  • Yes, always report. Anything like that is only going to get worse, and highway authorities need to know about these things. (Report to TfL here:­act-us-about-streets-and-other-road-issu­es)

  • anti what terror?

  • It looks to me very much like an anti-hippy terror barrier.

  • Yes.

    There's a couple of much worse ones on my commute by I need to remember exactly where they are for the reports.

  • Re reporting, there's also a new TfL service:

  • They see my fat rollin'. They be hating.

    Did you ever see the Blob stop at a barrier? Nope, didn't think so. Normal service methinks.

  • How is this supposed to deter terrorism? (Genuinely interested if dubious)

  • I've never seen the Blob at all, as he tends to block out all light.

  • Just everyday motorised terrorists, their political message isn't really

  • Just tried that and got "Transport for London does not maintain this road. Please use to report it to the appropriate borough."

    I think I prefer fillthathole as it just sends the details to whoever is responsible instead of fobbing you off somewhere else.

  • I do like some of the other reports though:

    "Bus stop is Kelmscott Gardens ( Stop SX). There is a large amount of vomit at this bus stop, this will need to be clean up asap, because its a health and safety issue"

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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