This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Good grief, Sidi are still selling this shoe? I have a pair I bought from Condor yonks ago, £50-ish in the sale. They are warmer if you add oversocks such as offered by Prendas, which also keeps them clean. If it's wet, put waterproof overshoes over the oversock. Snug!

  • Such an innocuous fall this morning, turns out I broke a bone in my wrist (scaphoid). 12 weeks of cast apparently

  • Oh no! That sucks dude. At least its cold dark winter and not the first flush of spring.

    Heal up!

  • That must have been some break; done mine a few times and only in a cast for max 3 weeks. Just make sure you keep an old chopstick handy for scratching itches, especially if you have some scabbing..

  • There are quite a few cunts on bikes in peak hour in Greenwich Foot Tunnel arent there?

  • I reckon there's been some miscommunication. 12 weeks is the total duration of healing in most adults. You normally don't need a cast for more than 3 weeks unless it's badly displaced.
    Having said that, I don't know the specifics of your case so just clarify at your fracture clinic appointment. If it is 12 weeks in cast it must have been a bad fall! Wish you the best.

  • That's so crap. Speedy recovery.

  • That's my experience too.

  • Contrary to probably more qualified comments, I did spend 12 weeks in a cast a few years back - they took a super aggressive approach to try and avoid surgery. While the cast bit sucks balls, the outcome at the end is excellent - unlike a number of other people once I had movement back it's as good as new. Fingers crossed you end up back in good nick in a few months - and suffer the challenge of christmas lunch minus full cutlery with bravado!

  • Yeah, after my last one there was some initial concern about blood supply to my thumb but it’s all good now. Heal up fast @Ruserius and remember a plastic bag in the shower..

  • innocuous
    I also broke this one once. It's indeed 3 months of cast. Scaphoid is the longest bone to heal in the body because it's badly irrigated by blood. I recovered perfectly though! Good luck mate!

  • Wild commute back. Massive detour on hellish roads thanks to that tiny handed orange twat being over here.

    Then big close call with another rider on a bso. I was overtaking at c25 mph (boast post) and she went for a hand signal plus moving to turn right without looking. Ended up rubbing shoulders to a stop as I had to go right as well. Both asked if the other was ok and then moved on. Phew.

    Not sure which one of us was at fault. I could have anticipated the move and been going more slowly, she could have checked over her shoulder. Still, no harm done.

  • Broke my non dominant scaphoid twice, about 6 weeks casted both times. Both times was convinced it was a sprain and x ray said otherwise! Still get a weird ache in it when it’s cold. Heal up soon!

  • Sorry to hear that, G. Heal up more quickly than they think you will!

  • Heal up, dude. Remember heal up properly > heal up quickly

  • Aw crap. Please don't swap riding all the roads for breaking all the bones.

  • Oof heal up quickly. Cycled to work singing the 'Don't lean' song this morning.

  • Priory Lane, the feeder to Richmond park from the south circular is bloody flooded again. I fucking hate that road. Does anyone know why it floods so frequently? Cyclists can now choose between a soaking or using the terrible cycle section of the pavement replete with multiple dropped curbs and side roads.

  • I take it it's only flooded in the northern section, close to the South Circular?

    Since it's been relatively dry (well, at least here in Norf London), it's probably a pipe burst rather than blocked drains?

    Other floods in the past may have had different causes, of course.

  • Since it's been relatively dry

    You are kidding, right?

  • It's like some people are going out of their way to be cunts.

  • No idea why it keeps leaking. I assume there is some fuck off complicated water main under there as they've had a few goes at sorting it.

    Not sure where it's got to, but there was a consultation to completely redo priory lane and the cycle / road calming measures. Could be they are waiting for that till they sort the water mains properly - that kind of thinking it probably overly generous though.

    Have you considered mudguards? They are really useful this time of year in general and allow easy navigation of minor inconveniences like the above.

    I should add I also hate that road, but only because of the terrible and aggressive driving it seems to encourage. Hoping whatever they do improves it, but this could probably be sorted by installing a 20mph speed camera and some polite signs reminding drivers the cycle lane is not mandatory for cyclists.

  • Why, was the flooding only from rain today? The last couple of days have been bone-dry up here. I just thought that since it sounded like a recurring problem (as Scrabble says), it wouldn't be just blocked drains.

  • Flooding there is not directly as a result of rainfall, there was also some sort of grit or sod that had spewed up from somewhere today. It regularly floods throughout the year without any preceding rainfall. @Scrabble I run a rear mudguard but feet get soaked as it’s so deep there, also unnecessarily soaks the bike on an otherwise dry commute.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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