This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • It's Baltic in Belfast atm...scarf/jumper under coat time is back again.

    I've spotted a seal twice now near the Belfast marina. They are known to come up to Belfast, sometime up as far as the Lagan River, but you still need a bit of luck to see one.

    There are also kingfishers and all sorts in the Connswater community park, a peregrine near the bridge over the Lagan hunting for Starlings, kites, terns, eiders and much more. For a smallish city there is a lot of wildlife to see if you know where to go.

  • Riding through the city this lovely morning was really nice and refrshing, though granted it was spoiled by a person who who hit me with his bottle as he was walking in the middle of the road who i asked to get off due to the numerous cyclist coming behind me.


  • Bit cold today, but survivable in long-sleeved stuff and gloves.

  • fell off on the way into work on tuesday (boyfriend smashed straight into the back of me, i fell right on my arse), so i've been getting the train in, but cycled again today, and oh my word my coccyx. hoping i've not done any real damage.

  • Coming up to work before turning left onto Fleet Street, helpful man walks out without so much as a glance into the [very busy] cycle lane, he gets clattered hard by a rider coming the opposite way to me. Cyclist goes arse over tit which looked painful, I came steaming in with nowhere to go except ride front tyre into the other bloke who is on the floor. Ouch.

    Also, there were at least two people in shorts and short sleeves, with no gloves. It genuinely baffles me. It was bloody freezing!

  • Exercising my usual caution around vehicles at junctions stopped me getting hit by an ambulance last night. Almost wish I'd exercised my priority instead, just for the irony.

  • Was that at Ludgate Circus?

  • there is a massive cunt who parks on the pavement on newton street in holborn....presumably on a school run. i often just see this car sat empty, blocking the pavement entirely but today i saw them driving onto it. I just glanced in the woman's direction as i was passing and the passenger (presumably hubby and a massive gammon), yelled, 'oi mate...' then some incoherent abuse which started with fuck off which was effectively unprovoked. I got a 'fuck off cunt' in as i was passing and he appeared to give chase for a short period.

    had a good chuckle, will surely see them again.

  • Oh wow.

    Report to council? If they are consistent and there for long enough that may work?

    There are ***ts blocking a cycle lane/pavement quite regularly on my way to work (yes there is no parking there, but you -can- park it half on the footpath/road and while that is technically not allowed, you won't be in anybody's way) and they just plonk it and block the whole thing and the footpath bit is often blocked by yet another asshole parker.

    I was quite pleased to see one ticketed a few weeks back :)

  • Cycled home Friday, met a Ninja Cyclists. No reflectors on the pedals even, no reflectors at all. NO vest...

    I offered them the free lights I got at a cycling event. Not too great, but it's something at least.

    They took them, I explained the visibility is really bad even with road lights and please for their safety use some lights and a cheap hivis vest?

    They said thanks but then cycled off w/o mounting the lights. Ah well, hopefully next time I see them with a vest and the lights I gave them or better ones.

    Even people accepting something is a win.

  • On my way to drop my youngest at nursery this morning - pavement unnecessarily blocked by some hero’s Range Rover. It’s a busy road so no way I’m going round - took great pleasure in scraping the buggy through the just-about-big-enough gap they’d left. Probably could have done more damage if I’d been concentrating, but it was early and I’d only had one coffee.

  • Well, you didn't have enough coffee so that's why you didn't notice you scratched the car, really sorry, can happen to all of us... :)

    I've not taken any wing mirrors yet, but it is tempting sometimes.

    Drones for the parking police would perhaps be a win for situations like this...preferable mounted with non removable paint bombs.

  • Newton Street is a nightmare for this kind of stuff. Often see cars parked up along the double yellows with nobody in them on a morning. Normally a group of people outside of the sandwich shop with tabs and coffee so guessing it's some sort of school drop off group they all take part in without a care about their car abandonment

  • Had a similarly worrying encounter last week:

    Cycling down the fallowfield loop (which is a cycle path that has absolutely no lighting whatsoever) I come across a woman at the junction with an off ramp, I can barely see her as I approach, she has a hi vis on but for some reason it’s barely reflecting anything from my 2 front lights and so not helping much. As I pass I notice she’s following down the loop so I slow down a bit to see if she’s okay, I ask “are you okay, can you see enough” to which she is like “huh” as if she can’t see where the voice is coming from and is unsure if it’s directed at her. I Offer to ride alongside as I have a fairly powerful front light. Her reply starts positively “oh that’s very kind of you...” but then leaves me a bit worried that i’ll be seeing her (or I guess not seeing her) again “but I like it in the dark”.

    picture of what it’s like down there for context: maybe 3m of good visibility with a 1000 lumen front light? She’s braver than me.

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  • She’s a vampire. You had a lucky escape.

  • Great, as if riding down there wasn’t spooky enough.

  • Oh wow, mine was on a lit city road (still not a good idea) but that is just downright dangerous! Somebody can easily cycle into her...

    Perhaps she doesn't want to scare the bats and badgers? ;)

  • Not exactly this morning's commute, but this seems to have happened in one of the commutes in the last two months alright...

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  • Nice of the police van to cut across me and another cyclist (who had the brightest light I’ve ever seen on a bike) on the way home.

  • Mmm.. I was close passed by a ‘police jeep’ thing yesterday. Twats.

  • That Sue Perb nutter has just had an NIP sent to a copper for driving like a twat.

  • Waiting at some lights this morning & about six other cyclists roll up beside me. Don't often see so many other people commuting by bike in Leeds. Quite nice! We all overtook the gridlocked traffic outside the Arndale Centre in Headingley, but I turned off & took Meanwood Ridge into town. Lovely & quiet & freezing.

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  • Had a fast, close pass last night, then the car started indicating right. There was oncoming cars so the driver had to stop and wait, leaving me with a narrow gap to squeeze through. So I gave the car a whack as I went through.

    Then a white van came pass me with inches to spare this morning. Then immediately slowed so I went past him again, as he pulled over to the other side of the road. Gave the van a whack again and felt like confronting the driver but had to get a train. Made me wonder if he had even seen me as the sun was bright and low and he presumably was looking for a spot to park on the other side of the road. Which is actually more frightening than him just being a cunt driver.

    If there is one thing that really boils my piss it is unnecessary overtaking: about to pull over, about to turn right or left, about to join a queue of traffic or there is a red light ahead? Then fucking wait behind the cyclist for a few seconds, its not fucking hard.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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