This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Thing is we were literally 10 yards from a red traffic light

    Red lights are purely advisory in that London.

  • Maybe there's some truth in the "Bloody Cyclists" sentiment

  • Well, it's certainly true that cycling doesn't improve your character. The twats in cars and vans are still / would still be twats on bikes too. But at least they'd be less polluting, less dangerous, and block the roads less...

  • "Well, it's certainly true that cycling doesn't improve your

    Tell me about it, I'm a right dick!

  • Red lights are purely advisory in that London.

    Oh? I thought they were just to brighten up junctions.

  • Surely, that's why they change colour once in a while, right?

    @Camel_toe :D

  • Damn straight!

  • Stupid adrenaline, shoulders bloody killing me now!!

  • Best commute of the year this morning. Perfect temperature, lots of chilled riders and drivers, zen/10.

  • Possibly have it looked at if it feels like more than 'just' muscle etc. ache? :(

  • Just feels like bruising at the moment, must have hit the van harder than I thought

  • Well I hope you recover quickly in any case! If it's just general soreness / bruising, it shouldn't take too long to stop hurting properly, hopefully.

  • Back on the comfy gravel bike tomorrow I think

  • 4 cyclists went around me

    How thoughtful of them to not roll right over you <3

    Hope you make a swift recovery

  • Christ sakes. Badgers, don’t run out into the lane. Reflex braking for wildlife now it’s really dark around here needs some practice.

  • Well that commute was awful. Probably a bit more jumpy after this morning and everyone is trying to adjust to cycling in the dark.

    Plus side is my Arkose has been put back together with a full quota of spokes on the rear wheel again and a new saddle so let's hope tomorrow goes better

  • Back brake cable went snap during lunchtime jaunt today.

    Bit squeaky bum, was in middle of busy road about to filter across oncoming traffic.

    Got home avoiding main drag for rest of trip by following paths along the Wandle .

    Delightful ride in the sunshine, an unexpected treat.

  • I have half green half red (at the moment) - where was it?

  • Wowzers that was cold

  • Nice to meet and roll with Matt and his Surly on the commute last night. If you are on here, hello from Sam with the yellow Bob Jackson.

    Kudos to your bike commute!!

  • Fitted Marathon Racists (30-622 stats fans) last night and the commute is way better. There is a definite pull to the right that needs sorting though, yes yes I know > tumbleweed.gif

  • C*%t Friday. Hooray.

  • Not cold, not too wet. Slightly hungover and chilled plod in, would ride again

  • Lost my bloody gloves by not closing the backpack properly. Nothing like that kind of thing to remind me that really, I'm a complete idiot. At least it was a cheap pair.

  • +1 for forgetting to close ones backpack today. No idea if I lost anything, can't remember what I put in there.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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