This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Turn in to side road near Aldgate shouting turning Turning TURNING! at zombie pedestrians. A few hear me and stop, offering a tiny gap to sneak through. Feckless headphones wearer walks out at last moment causing me to clip his foot as I swerve around him. Almost come off, smash knee into bars which are currently not taped. Painful.

  • Sounds like you need to slow down.

  • I think I was going around 2mph by the time I made the turn

  • Sure. 2mph, shouting your head off at peds and still managed to swerve, nearly crash and hurt your knee. Have you considered cycle training?

  • You know you have to give way to pedestrians crossing side roads, right?­code/using-the-road-159-to-203#rule170

  • I fucking hate cars that don't do that. I'm going to get run over making my point about this rule.

    They better make sure I'm dead though...

  • So brains were optional this morning it seems, as was looking around you, leaving a safe amount of space and predicting the intentions of other road users. At least 4 ill timed overtakes attempted on me this morning, a few I shut down by manoeuvring further out into the road. One being a double decker bus turning into Grays Inn Road, attempting to crush me on the right hand side. Managed to just get ahead whilst shouting "are you fucking serious" directly into the driver window. Was still ignorant to my existence. Illustrated below, with me being the comically magenta arrow:

  • My commute was pretty chill this morning. I was running late, since I'd already been firefighting something I broke last night and I think there were fewer vehicles around because of it.
    Or maybe it's just the big fucking balloon tyre on the back slowing me down. Now I have 15mm spanner so tonight I get the front one swapped too.

  • Visit from the puncture fairy this morning, first one in three years.

  • Of all the things I regularly see that really wind me up, bus drivers blaring their horns at peds crossing the road as they turn into Victoria station takes the cake. So many of them do it even though rule 170 fully applies. And watching people start running and jump at the sound of the horn makes me want to break things (mainly said bus drivers).

  • I had to wave a guy through this morning with a "you've got the green man" when he stopped. Peds are scared to cross because cars and bikes have spent years rolling into side streets with nary a care in the world. I love beating cars to junctions as a ped. "Run me over, I dare you"

  • Been commuting mainly in Oxford this month. Holy shit I forgot about Oxford and the high quotient of otherworldly people. OK megabrain if you want to suck your thumb and hold your blankie as you make your way to your tutorial, fine...just look before crossing. I saw one total don blindly naruto run through 3 lanes of traffic.
    The cyclists are generally equally ethereal dweebs wobbling around at walking pace, generally being just weird at junctions. For the srsbsns contingent embarrassing track stands are the order of the day. This isn’t Bristol for sure
    Still I have hope for you all.

  • blindly naruto run through 3 lanes of traffic.


  • That is a brave stance. Will you back flip over the car or wrestling style elbow drop into the windscreen? I vote the latter.

  • I'll just wait for the car to bounce off my leg, turn, and flick what's left of the wreckage into the nearest median strip.

  • Does anyone know where I would submit footage to the police of someone using their phone whilst driving?

  • <-- Clark Cunt

  • is there a roadsafe for outside of london?

  • I've used RoadSafe for outside of London and the MET contacted me still.

  • cool, cheers!

  • phantom unclip at Smithfield lights = STACK-A-DEMUS.

    OTOH: The bodyjar reminded me that an early slam really sets you up for the day : /

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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