This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • "I think you're a little bit close there"
    "I didn't hit you did I? etc etc"

    He left a good 5cm between him and my back wheel so maybe I just need to have more confidence in his amazing skills...

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  • Snapped a photo of the car in CS8 this morning.

  • Snapped a photo of the car parked in CS8 this morning

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  • I saw someone filter up the inside of it this morning.


  • Saw the same thing happen!, just seconds before the photo was taken...

  • Needs a YPLAC sticker/bag of shit on the windscreen/both

  • untaxed. report it and hopefully it'll get towed.­e

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  • Just reported this morning, cheers.

  • Reported it yesterday, included a photo too. I also saw it was untaxed... Hopefully they get rid of it soon.

  • I was going east along Bayswater earlier. Car coming in opposite direction starts turning right to go north into Palace Court as I'm coming past so he has to stop suddenly half way. As I squeeze past the front right hand corner of the car, another car from behind going in the same direction as me slams into the side of the first car. So first car didn't see me coming, second car didn't see a car stop in the middle of their path. Very satisfying sound of bumper crumpling against the side of a another car. Lolz

    I really think these cars should be fitted with drivers. It sounds as if they're completely blind.

    Glad you weren't hit when the collision occurred. I imagine you were already through and the car blocking the eastbound lane couldn't be shunted into you.

  • Saw an unfortunate soul just after their phone was snatched by ‘a cyclist’ on Q1 at Folkestone Gdns. Another person on a bike had given chase, I glimpsed them across the park as the victim started shouting & screaming toddling after them.

    I had no idea what to do. Should I have followed them? I didn’t, just spoke to the victim.

  • highway code: When you overtake leave a cyclist as much room as you'd leave a motorist

    taxi drivers: 2 inches is plenty, right?

  • Rode in from Guildford this morning and stopped to get a nice pastry in Richmond. Would have been very enjoyable if I wasn't feeling pretty under the weather this morning.

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  • 2 inches sounds like the amount taxis leave all motorists, so technically they're not breaking the rules :)

  • That is pretty nice though. We should all commit to posting one nice picture a week just to get people's spirits up a bit... otherwise this thread makes for a pretty depressing read. Not that I'm helping of course.

  • Had the joy of following a bloke smoking weed whilst meandering around on his e-scooter from Hackney Grove down to the Hackney City Farm. Not the nicest smell to have to endure at 9am

  • I experienced an involuntary wake n bake walking with my fam first thing. ‘Bit early for that’ is what we always mutter.

  • Exactly! :)

    At least the PSNI is enforcing a 1.5 meter overtaking rule. Well, not that there is much road policing...but no doubt they've stopped a few taxi drivers by now.

  • Cycling to work, overtaking a cyclist with a child seat. Wasn't going that fast maybe 15mph...they then decide they don't want to be overtaken by me and speed up. A lot.

    Promuting ensues as I rise to the challenge.

    [yes there is lots of room, was just the two of us, and I had to drop back twice as I didn't want to squeeze past as that's rude and the motorists need their space too]

    Just strange...most cyclists don't care if they are being overtaken. Ah well.

  • Was off last week so missed the mayhem of schools/university being back. Cars backed up a full mile to the junction at the end of the road & was too muddy to take the shortcut across the park. No fun. Still, plenty of new commuters to race.

    First jumper & jeans commute of the season too, though I know I'm going to cook on the way home.

  • I overtook a chap on a nice cannondale mtb a while back and he properly stuck to my wheel. I buried myself trying to drop him which I did... eventually. Got a Strava PB for that segment, though lol.

  • "challenge ACCEPTED" sounded like a good challenge.

    In fairness I've done it as well, somebody who was Snailing all the way down (so was I, shared ped/cycling paths) decided to turn Cheetah on the road.

    My excuse for not getting there was that I was on the Brompton but really...that's excuses.

    There is one cyclist on my route who is on a cheap decathlon bike who is superduperfit just mad speed. Cheapeau and all that :)

  • There's a guy who commuted a similar route to me via some lanes. He always used to appear on strava on the same segments as me, but I never saw him. Then one day I caught sight of what I assumed was him waay off in the distance. I thought I'd try to catch up. Long story short, buried myself but once the final hill of the commute was over he was still about 20 yards ahead of me and after that he just took off and I never saw him for dust, which was fairly humbling.

  • I drew level with a bloke on a bike in the ASL and I don't think he liked it so he did a stupid undertake on the next left turn.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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