This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Is that a thing I can do? I did not know that.

  • Yeah, we had a few cars parked in our street that had been there ages with flat tyres and shit so we just report as abandoned and a week or two later they'd be gone.

  • It was still there this morning. Only one parking ticket on it as far as I could see.­cle

  • Yep, saw the same, I'm hoping to finally remember to go and take a picture this evening when I cycle home.

    @hippy - thanks, I was not aware!

  • Better dogshit it just in case

  • The postcode (SW1V 3LA is the postcode of the pub just before it) is only needed for the site to allow it to redirect you to the appropriate council page. For Westminster it's:-­-vehicles

    For that site it's useful to have a make/model/numberplate and there's an option to upload a photo too.

    I submitted one without all of the details (just make = car, colour = silver, reg = unknown) and no photo just to start to kick it off.

  • Cheers, yeah I saw they'd like more info on the car which is why I'm going to try and remember to take a pic today or tomorrow.

    Though, it's not exactly difficult to find.


    these guys used to sell big, difficult to remove stickers. can't find them for sale any more though.
    maybe one of the forum sticker crew could knock some up?

  • Speaking of YPLAC:

    Heard a tannoy announcement (very rare) at my local pool in Putney last night- they were asking for the owner of a Land Rover Discovery to contact reception immediately. I was just leaving and saw him rushing out to move his car. He'd managed to park straddling both disabled bays (and, to make it clear, he had no need to use a disabled parking bay.)

    He was being heckled by a few people outside and rather than apologise he tried to defend his actions by saying "I couldn't find anywhere to park and my daughter was running late for her swimming lesson. I was only going to be there for a few minutes..."

  • Standard Putney cunt.

  • I went past it a few hours ago and the rear kerb side door was open, and there was no one around. Maybe the feds have checked it was not full of semtex, and upon realising its not, have left it open for the public to fill with wee and pooh as per above mentioned plans.

    To be fair its not much of a surprise to see parking in the blue smurf road, been happening since forever.

  • Coldharbour lane is so shit to cycle up and down... Full of aggi douchebags. Needs some proper cycling infrastructure asap!

  • Oi! I'm about to become one. Minus the Land Rover though...

  • Some Tri-guy running in the road down Waterloo Road and around St Georges circus to E&C still in the road basically behaving like a slooow bike with hand signals and a red blinky light on his backpack.

    I don't think this will end well.

  • witnessed a car crash on the way home, some moron pulled a u-turn straight into the side of someone coming the other way. Caught it on my camera so stopped and offered up the footage to the poor bastard who got taken out. Chap was physically fine, but he couldn't stop saying 'I literally just bought this car an hour ago', which if someone had totalled my hour-old car I would have difficulty not saying too.

  • Not you 😅

  • The new 20mph area I mentioned has obviously worked. Colleague said he saw at the weekend they were cutting someone out of a very totalled big Mercedes at the junction outside the hospital and school. Car was so wrecked he said he couldn’t tell what it was at first.

  • Riding back along Broad Lane through Seven Sisters/Tottenham Hale tonight I stopped at a zebra crossing to let a (petrol powered) moped "cross" the road from riding on the pavement to pavement.

    Took me a few seconds to clock what was happening before I watched him continue to ride along the pavement as if it was completely normal and without a care in the world.

  • Probably knows that absolutely nothing is going to happen to him and doesn't care if it did. But WAC.

  • Yes, my comment was most remiss.
    In partial mitigation,
    Wests Beers contributors are still on the waiting list for the
    LFGSS Protocols and Standards training day.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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