This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Saw a brakeless fixie for the first time ever in London, trying to go through a busy roundabout. Rarely see anything quite as graceless and dangerous. Good thing the cunt was in front of me so at least he couldn't crash into me.



  • Is it just me or has there been an increase in single speeds with only a front brake on these days? Swear I'm seeing more and more each morning.

  • i see at least 1 a week, always seem to be within a 1m radius of waterloo bridge.

    Saw one guy skitching across said bridge. pretty insane

  • Hey, this is pretty much exactly what I've been doing and will likely settle on most of the time. I quite often go via RP for a couple of laps a few times a week but outside of that, this is probably the best option.

  • Holdsworth. Sunshine. 10/10

  • First commute in about a week. Sunny but not too hot. Caught lots of green lights that are usually red. Low cunt count. Very funky tune stuck in head. Solid 8/10

  • I had a day off so I was out early to get in some miles in the Southdowns. It always amazes me the number of white van builder types I have to deal with on the tiny roads on a weekday day, obviously they were all being driven by isis terrorists in training, but I had a new one this morning.

    I was descending a narrow road and there was one of those flatbed tipper trucks approaching me up the hill at speed. Luckily there was a overtaking point I could pull into to make what was going to be really close pass a bit less dangerous. As he got close there was really odd sound, a bit like the sound that the rails at a train station makes when a fast train is coming passed without stopping. As he passed I noticed what was making the sound, it was about 100 feet of steel cable being dragged along the road behind the truck, thankfully I hadn’t come to a total stop as I need to bunny hop it as it came snaking passed me up the hill. Hopefully it’s become rapped round a lamppost and this arsehole is in a hedge somewhere.

    Fucking scary stuff.

  • Children's minibus driver tried to force me off the road on Sussex gardens - he was in the wrong lane and tried to shove me over, into the gutter, to overtake at one of the pinch-points. Fuck that shit. I stayed in primary at a decent lick and he gave me verbals on the way by - almost certainly over 30mph overtake. I'm sure the kids in the back knew all those words already sunshine. But WAC.

  • Good bike skills an awareness dude.

  • I think you win this week's prize for most unusual incident (although it wasn't a commute, tsk).

    Good thing it didn't snare you.

  • Sounds like mad skills! As much as that guy sounds like a fucking lunatic I bet a bit of you felt pretty badass rolling away from that bunny hop 😂

  • wanted to have a bit of a rave about my lil cousin,hes 16 and just done his GCSEs.

    He was cycling to school when a man driving a car in the middle of the road ran into him and broke his arm. He snapped both bones in his lower arm and he needed titanium plates and pins and has had multiple surgerys to fix it. This happened litterally 2 weeks before he sat his GCSES! He had to do all his exams with a scribe because he couldnt write. Hes just finished and he got sick grades and had a dig at the driver in the islington gazette:­education/gcse-exam-results/gcse-results­-day-2019-st-mary-magdalene-academy-kid-­injured-in-cycling-collision-gets-top-ma­rks-1-6230287

    anyway shout out to him for being a well nice and smart 16 year old whos being a good lil cycling advocate.

  • Top lad. Calling for more cycling infrastructure at his first (I'm assuming) media opportunity!

  • Do you know where it happened? The article doesn't say.

  • Brilliant lad and great results.

    Hope he gets a massive pay out from the drivers insurance. Imagine injuring a child and your first thought is to”have a yell” what an arsehole!

  • Fantastic lad. Great results. Congratulations from a stranger on the internetz.

    As for the driver, well...

  • Great result. I hope he goes back to riding eventually though.

  • Very mature response from your cousin, all the best to him with his further education :)

  • Just encountered my first e-scooter on the commute (there are no rental schemes for those things in Belfast, so they are rare)

    First reaction: Not a fan. Fast, silent and so a plonker can easily make the commute much more "exciting" than I need.

  • I'm still amazed how many people I see on them in London. I would have thought it's widely known by now that they are illegal.

  • Skidded through my tyre on the way in this morning. I knew it was imminent but was too lazy to do anything about it. Peckham Screwfix to the rescue.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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