This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Just remember it isn't personal! This prick spends their day lashing out, a roll of the dice chose you .

  • Useful guide, I've plotted it out as this..

    Will give it a try soon - parliament is really grating at the moment and Putney will be crap again when the school hols are over.

  • Not really a commute story because I was already working. Yesterday I nearly took out a PCSO who just blindly stepped into the road in front of me with the fully loaded bullitt I was riding. I always see him hassling homeless people around town so hope he genuinely shit himself. He seemed pretty spooked when I shouted at him to fucking mind out. He's normally on a bike himself so should know better.

  • Police handing out fines for cycling along the river bank in Battersea Park. So much for saving money by cycling to work, kicking myself

  • To the gent that told me to fuck off, after telling people to "Get Moving" at the lights in Westminster - I apologise for asking if it was you shouting, and trying to point out that patience is a virtue... with hindsight that was a bit condescending.

    I think I'll go back to commuting at non commuting hours, had forgotten what peloton-time was like...

  • ooof. I sometimes nip through the gate at western end if I've come along the thames path, but then always head for the permitted route through the park. Along by the river is tempting, but I think there is fair shout for it being no cycling. If I've taken my dog/toddler to the park, its nice to have a part where you don't have to worry about cyclists. If it wasn't no cycling it would be chock full of people speeding through.

  • Spot on, the dickish drivers of Tooting are better than the utter cunts who seem to proliferate Putney and Fulham in my view.

  • Yeah completely my fault, I knew I was breaking the rule. Shame theres no cycle lane on the road though. Speed bumps get boring and I like the view by the river

    (I don't like it enough to pay £50 for the privilege however)

  • Rode home with a backpack full of 30kg of soap today. Going to have some nice bruised shoulders I reckon.

  • Got some Full Metal Jacket beatings planned?

  • You just never know

  • Spot on, the dickish drivers of Tooting are better than the utter cunts who seem to proliferate Putney and Fulham in my view.

    I find it’s the pedestrians in tooting who are the uber-cunts

  • ^ Why not both?

    The commute outta Tooting was quiet today tho. No school run + hardly any cyclists on CS7 = smooooove

  • Tried Surbiton > New Malden to Raynes Park > CS7, utterly quiet this morning so got a pretty clear run but the journey time was identical to a busy day through Richmond Park > Thames.

    Why can't someone just bullzone the entire route along the train line, that New Malden to Raynes Park section is lovely.

    • No breakfast
    • horrible weather
    • had a puncture
    • saw a hedgehog.

    Was on a 3/10 but the hedgehog brought it up to an 8. Left him a bit of the vegan sausage roll I bought on the way.

  • Why can't someone just bullzone the entire route along the train line

    That would be amazing, imagine just a nice car lane wide, but car free bike path along every train line...

  • Fully agree, 25k door to door please. I start a bit further south than from your map so it's probably is what gives CS7 the edge for me.

  • I find the pedestrians just more randomly cuntish which is more stressful than cars who are a bit more predictable but tbf I’ve only actually been hit by a car on that stretch

  • "I make and I sell soap"

  • The company claims to be completely vegan but you can just never be sure.

  • Ended up commuting home by bus today. After 8 hours of cycling a cargo bike around in the pissing rain, having failed to wear my waterproof socks, my feet were completely numb. First time my Raynaud's has been an issue in the middle of August. It does give me an excuse to buy more waterproof socks and a new bike with mudguards though.

  • That crosswind across blackheath was fun

  • Apologies to anyone doing the 8am commute for the rain shower I bought with me from Reading. It started 5 minutes before I left the house and followed me all the way in, which was nice.

  • The coat is back on, a cold wind is blowing in Belfast.

    Close pass tit, got the can I be bothered calling into PSNI office to report them so that they get a bollocking.

  • I might have to try a version of this that chucks a left at Clapham somewhere that goes upto Pimlico

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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