This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • I think most clubs do have rules about RLJing, especially in club kit. Didn't stop the guy in CC Hackney kit on CS2 this morning though...

  • Hey, I feel your pain. Having commuted on the CS7 for the best part of 4 years now, I am very keen to mix it up a bit.

    My route from Surbiton via RP is about 3km longer than the CS7 route. It would likely be more pleasant and once you get past Westminster faff the embankment is fairly quick. I will give both a few runs and see how they stack up...

  • Female, on a hybrid type bike, first RLJ spotted on Wightman Road, last one High Holborn I think. I wasn't paying massive attention beyond RLJ, club jersey, tut tut!

  • It was a blue hybrid. Unusually, my phone managed to pair with my cam, so I could take a look at some grainy, juddering, Bluetooth impaired footage.

  • I know the ICC chairman so can pass any further info on.

  • So annoying when I see people wearing club colours doing this, will drop a note on the ICC forum.

  • Could the driver have mistakenly thought the beeping was to tell them the lights had changed?

  • I suppose so, but you'd think looking at the lights would precede proceeding... The other day I was waiting at some lights a few cars back and the first driver decides he's waited long enough and jumps the red, followed by the next two who didn't bother to check/care. Seems to be little engagement of brains.

  • Yeah, I saw that one too. The van and bike were both heading north and the van just swung across the cycle lane to turn left past the PO and cleaned the bike right out.

    It’s a really dodgy section that, I’ve had it happen to me more than once big have got away with it so far. He looked in a bad way, more deets if I get any.

  • It would be good to have a 'Rider down' thread about this crash. Could either of you perhaps start one?

  • Happy anniversary to me :-)
    Just realised its a year today that I gave up the car and started commuting full time, before rhis was on bike about 3 time's a week
    3 day's missed due to ice, used to get colds etc but nothing this year, think I'm feeling fitter for the 20 mile aday commute
    Struggled bit more mentally with people constantly pointing out the bad points which I'm well aware , close passes, shit daily driving all take a toll
    Starting to see a few more people on my route so hopefully it will continue,
    Love it though, ride safe everyone

  • This daily headwind thing that’s going on at the moment can really get fucked

  • Ah, it wasn’t just me then. It didn’t seem that windy but Tuesday was my first day back on the bike for about six weeks so I’m pretty unfit so I thought it was that.

  • Happy Close Pass Thursday, drivers. I sincerely hope something deeply unpleasant happens to at least five of you couldn’t-care-less-cnuts today.

  • Rolled past what looked like a pretty bad accident on London bridge this morning at 830. Hope the rider is ok - ambulance was in attendance with oxygen mask on the rider.

    I normally try to avoid London bridge, it's always such carnage at rush hour.

  • Excellent, you'll be inspiring others without knowing it. They'll be thinking 'I should be doing day...' and the more people who think that, eventually the more people on bikes.

  • few tonnes of CO2 etc less a year as well

  • Was still there when i passed at 9, with more ambulances and police! Was it a cyclist or someone on a motorbike? I havent got the stomach/eyes to look too closely but there was a motorbike on the central bit of the bridge.

  • There was at least one bike on the ground but I didn't stop to see what happened. And to be honest I was busy thinking about why the prick in the lorry was merging into the bus lane before I realised he was just trying to go round the accident.

  • cycle to work day today - bagged a free coffee and cake from a decent coffee shop!


  • Ah right, I think one ambulance had left the scene with someone in it then as I was approaching the lights so only one person still there.

    Hope everyone is OK, always shakes me up when this stuff happens on my route!

  • i assume quite a few on here saw the car with the obliterated front end opposite the US ambassador's residence on the outer circle. I encountered it just after it happened and those disgusting menacing lycra cyclist were rendering assistance. I take it the young woman was distracted and didn't take the turn. The lampost was properly destroyed!

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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