This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Beautiful description, I can picture this so well.

  • John Cooper Clarke - I know I’ve put on a bit of weight. I fell down the stairs recently, the wife thought Eastenders had finished.

  • I've never heard what is saying so have held judgement but sounds like he's probably a flat Earther.

  • Is bank junction a free for all again?

  • Rare business hours foray into London's famous London for me yesterday. Meeting at the (previously unknown to me), Conference Centre at the Thames Barrier. Fine ride in, only piece of bad driving was a bus ensuring there was no space to overtake on Tower Bridge. Return trip enlivened by (mild) chaos at Parliament Square, where a demo of early onset male pattern baldness sufferers, each arriving in a Hackney Carriage/London black cab, had stopped traffic.
    Anyone know what yesterdays display of petulence was over?

  • so shit at the moment isn't it

  • I thought it was just people ignoring it but yesterday had a police X5 that was behind cars and vans blocking the whole junction so assumed they gave up on the whole stopping people getting killed there regularly initiative.

    Just through the junction said policeman swung aggressively right before turning left (he was indicating left into Lombard Street so I positioned myself to his right). Sometimes I really dislike people

  • Realised this morning I am the opposite, twice this morning nearly shit myself when I am slowly rolling up to a red light and shoulder check to realise there's a silent electric car inches from my rear wheel

  • Lots of people on holiday to avoid the "silly season" (bonfires tonight, then the 12th of July marches with road blocks tomorrow)

    So I had the streets pretty much to myself, would commute again.

    Probably loads of police vans out tonight, which suits me as well as nobody is going to be a total tit driving past armed police.

  • Down in London for a conference for the end of the week & have a six mile commute, due booking hotel at the last minute (first two I tried were fully booked). A few observations from someone used to riding a four mile commute in Leeds:

    • Cycling seems normal! There's some proper good infrastructure, & some not-so-great stuff, but at least you have infrastructure.
    • A lot more singlespeeds/fixed gears, since it is really rather flat around here.
    • So much warmer in London than Leeds.
    • Air feels a lot dirtier than in Leeds, which in itself, isn't a particularly clean city either.
    • London just goes on & on & on. Much more waiting at traffic lights than I'm used to in my commutes due to the density of roads.
    • Seemingly every car is a German SUV.
    • Your taxi drivers are even worse than ours - had two close misses due to drivers not checking their mirrors.
    • More interesting bikes to look at, but they're all moving. Every locked up bike seems very ratty.
  • Seemingly every car is a German SUV.

    Volvo isnt German

  • Every locked up bike seems very ratty

    The other ones have all been nicked.

  • Surely the stolen bikes have then been sold & someone else is riding around the nice bikes then?

    Also: loads of fixed gears, no skids :(

  • You got me there. Poor form with the second bit though :(

  • Testing a new pannier system. Will report on suitability shortly...

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  • I don't have bike-specific insurance at the moment.

    Any ideas about how best to claim for this from the post office?

    I'll keep my taxi receipt. Got contact details for the driver and witnesses.

  • I take it you've been in a crash? Any details? Do you mean third party insurance?

  • Yes. Fucking ouch.

    On the plus side it was outside a pub and they gave me a free beer. Currently in a taxi on my way home so my wife can tell me "I told you so".

  • So, it seems royal mail have a specific address for reporting vehicle incidents. Not sure if I should do that or if I should go directly for a lawyer.

    That bike had huge sentimental value (plus a lot of actual value) and my long weekend away cycling just got stuffed.

  • Ah, I didn't see the picture earlier.

  • Exhaust their official procedure first, document everything, and escalate if that's not satisfactory. The company should realise that paying for a replacement bike will be cheaper than engaging in a dragged-out adversarial process.

    Have yourself checked out properly. All too often people walk away from a crash thinking they're fine when they're not. If you need compensation for injuries, too, it may be necessary to find a lawyer.

  • Heal up soon! I've been thinking recently that Royal Mail really need to be taken to task over the driving of their staff. Whatever pressure they're putting them under or instructions they're giving them needs to change, because their driving is so often just shit.

  • If you are a CTC/British Cycling/LCC member then call them up and talk to their lawyers. Even if they only help you follow the usual routes it's good to get input.
    If you aren't a member, consider becoming one! Then check your home insurance, it may include legal cover.

  • Seemingly every car is a German SUV

    This is no exaggeration. The proliferation of the urban SUV over the past decade is something I hope we look back on with deep shame. Cars are just getting bigger and bigger.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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