This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Anyone lose a Pearson branded AssSaver on College Road on Friday..? I have it but in the immortal words of John Snow "I dun wannit".

  • Was dreading the commute when I woke up early to the sound of heavy rain, until I got out of bed and realised it was an ideal opportunity to try out the new Lightweight Shadow Jacket this morning. Proper chuffed; top half remained fully dry and no wetting through after 45mins, didn't boil and was very comfortable, barely noticed it's presence (aside from the awful noise it makes taking it on and off, most notable in the quiet of indoors).


  • What about the bottom half though?

    Smug poncho-wearer

  • Ha, piss wet through!


  • Yeah fuck that shit at 8c and torrents for miles. June. Sort your shit out.

  • I didn’t even bother with the bike today, was pissing down at 7am, it continued to piss down all day and is still pissing down at 9.25pm. I can’t recall a June day like it tbh.

  • A bit damp, but lovely this morning - lots of politeness out there. Got an "after you" from a couple of taxis and a bus, all on Euston Rd. WTF is going on???

  • Well my Castelli Perfetto jersey kept me bone dry throughout yesterday's downpour... a statement I will never make. Love riding in the rain though.

  • I need to set off early and take a pair of shears with me (#basketlyfe) tomorrow for a section of path. Droopy wet undergrowth and nettles on my legs and face. Will be satisfying.

  • Last Wednesday pissing down (even for Irish standards) and cuntery (even for Belfast standards, white van man making a point of shouting at me is unusual here)

    Same route yesterday, sunny and lovely, patient drivers, and had a chat with another cyclist who I tried to help lane switching.

    I always leave room to the left for people when I have to switch due to cars parked in the lane etc.) and indicate I do so, but maybe it feels patronizing. IDK.

  • poncho'd it 2 miles to the train station.
    still got wet legs - need to brush up on my technique...

    is there a poncho thread?

  • Chain snapped on Denmark Hill last night (some nice chap stopped to pick it up for me even though it was filthy) but instead of walking the rest of the way like a clippedy clop knobber, I removed one shoe and put on a wet sock from the morning's commute, then proceeded to clip one foot in and scoot the rest of the way like a soggy sock knobber.


  • I must have worn my waterproof trousers maybe 15 times in the 4 or 5 years I've owned them. But they are worth it for those commutes where it's really belting it down.

  • So I’m testing out commute from Parliament to uptown.. well actually Plaistow via Whitechapel, Mile End, Bow Roundabout, then Greenway.. I love greenway but I fear winter months could be desolate. Any commuters of Greenway here with positive view.. it’s not the most direct route but better than via Canning Town..

    I love the wet sock scoot story btw up Denmark Hill :)

    Comments welcome..
    Almac x

  • yeah, but waterproof trousers... so much noise! and I think my legs would get too hot. I have really hot legs.

  • I used to ride a small bit of the Greenway on my commute, just the bit from the Olympic Park to the edge of Hackney Wick - felt a bit dodgy on winter night, mainly because it was completely unlit. Never had any problems though.

    Bit more of a detour, but I definitely preferred Bethnal Green - Vic Pk - Hackney Wick - Olympic Park over Whitechapel, Mile End, Bow Roundabout. Avoids being pulled out on about 5 times a day on the CS2.

  • I may have been hallucinating this morning but pretty sure I passed a road bike and the guy appeared to be turning the handlebars to power it.
    I may also have had too much paracetamol as toothache is back.
    Could someone help me work out which it was?

  • Probably not hallucinating, there's a guy who rides one through Camberwell. Not your typical handcycle certainly.

  • It was wet this morning but couldn't care less as it was the first cycle in seven days.

  • Interesting, I don't think I've seen one of those. Is it a standard upright position? Presumably the rider doesn't pedal, or is he/she using the handlebar motion as an extra form of exercise?

    I think I vaguely remember hearing once about a bike you could use to train your arms/upper body as well as pedalling with your legs. I can't find it on-line now, though. If I haven't dreamed that, it was probably not a handcycle adapted for someone who couldn't use their legs.

  • Really hot legs, o-err :)

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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