This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • but I'd prefer they weren't driving cars whilst doing it.

    Oh definitely. Legalise it, but for heaven's sake don't drive while high.

  • So that's why I eat everything in the fridge the second i get home, second hand munchies!!

  • I'd ride down Hackney Road at 7am and get massive wafts. Those mornings I'd have a sausage sandwich when I got to work.

  • Chatsworth Road.
    Morning and evening.

  • So so fed up with some people. Had someone shouting at me to ‘teach my son to ride a bike properly’ .. so, you mean he shouldn’t take the lane, keeping himself a safe distance from parked cars and not allowing people to overtake while it is unsafe to do so?

    Or you just mean he should get the fuck out your way. Because that’s the proper way to do it. Sigh

  • Should have said “your dad clearly failed you”

  • Dammit

  • I reckon those scooters might take a chunk out of the Brompton market, assuming you can carry them on the train when folded. Half the price and you don't have to pedal, Joe Public will love that.

    I breathe deeply whenever I see one and imagine the rider has a knee problem that means it's impossible for them to ride a bike or walk and they're going to see an elderly, vulnerable member of the community to provide them general assistance and company, which they're doing totally voluntarily and for the good of society. By doing this I largely manage to avoid screaming obscenities at said rider.

  • Or you could just relax and let them do their thing because whatever objection you have to them, they're still on the 'good side' of the equation.

  • landfill waiting to happen - people will soon tire of them once the cheap battery gives up after a couple of months of charging.

  • ^ Primary concern

  • I've just been on a trip to Nashville and Louisville in Tennessee and Kentucky, respectively. They have hire schemes for those scooters, with people using them liberally. It's fantastic. I'm sure it is reducing Uber use and everyone is happy and smiling when using them.

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  • Such dorks tho ;)

    Lime-ee's for the limeys? Lame-ee's for those with no shame-ees :)...or no bike obvs.

  • Yeah. They are my friends.

  • They have them here in Brisbane too. Exclusively ridden by yoofs or buzinezzmen on packed pavements in a dangerous manner.

  • Fuck off Thames Water closing the safest cycle route into the West End from N /NE London for months and just sticking up "Cyclist Dismount" signs and thinking that's good enough.

    Company can get fresh drinking water to every home in London but can't work out how to keep 3 feet of road open? Total bollocks.

  • Wowzers everyone was out this morning, cars punishment passing me to get caught at the lights literally 2 cars length later, wobbly cyclists trying to fit in a gap about 12 inches wide between me and another cyclist (while stopped at the lights, then for the full house pedestrians glued to their phones weirdly looking for traffic on the opposite side of the road before stepping out!

    Leaving at school drop off time was not the brightest idea on my part

  • Seems to be a common theme everywhere, just close a road or pavement with "cyclist dismount/pedestrians cross" and declare it done. While the drivers don't have to give an inch.

    If the pipes are just under the cycle lane, nothing much they can do, but most companies don't try particularly hard. Belfast it is nearly always the same, "we need to do building or whatever work, let's just close the pavement or cycle lane, oh that two lane road with lots of room? don't be silly, not touching that".


  • Another really pleasant commute across Wimbledon common and down Putney Park Lane, up to Hammersmith and into North Acton. Only had a car slam on its brakes in front of me once.

  • You work in North Acton?

  • Got really fed up with the constant headwind I've been having, so drafted a very large coach for a while. The trick is to find a vehicle that sounds shit enough that you can be reasonably sure it couldn't pull an emergency stop even if it wanted to. That coach definitely had issues braking, so that made for a very relaxed drafting experience. 10/10 would recommend.

  • I do indeed. Just on the other side of the tube line from the station. Are you blessed with odd lunch choices too?

  • You either work on HS2 or at the Lamborghini garage haha.
    Yeah, just a bit further down the road for me. Lunch choices are nonexistent, I bring my own.
    Never seen a fellow cyclist in these parts

  • @PhilDAS @seager
    Can you get to Standard Road?

    Try the Kamil Bakery for thinbase Lebanese pizzas.
    Kishek & zaattar recommended.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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