This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • My aged eyes and slowing brain need all the clarity they can find.

  • This fucking sucked. That is all.

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  • Many close passes today. When I enviably pass them about 5 metres up the road and decide I'd like to give them some friendly advice about close passes, the majority seem to have the window up and stare straight ahead without any acknowledgement that they've just about knocked me off at the last pinch point. Not even any eye contact. Fuck you commuter driver cunts.

  • Scale of the problem were up against. They don’t even know...

    Found the last few days refreshingly calm. I’ve been leaving earlier, maybe that’s it.

  • I've managed to make about 30% of my commute off road now and it's real bliss.
    Checked the time on my way in today and realised I was going to be way early so I stopped by the skatepark and played on the hip jump for 10 minutes on my MTB
    Great start to the day

  • Bolt holding front rack/basket to fork went missing at some point, so i have a wobbly rack and can't shift as it now gets in the way of the brifter...

  • Two lanes who merge into the highway later on (90 kp/h speed limit). Me on the cyclepath and see two cars parked up ahead. No way to pass them as they take up all the cyclepath and next to the cyclepath, there is a fresh lawn. Not gonna ruin that. I slow down and the first one is making a call but sees me and moves over to one of the lanes, almost hitting a truck. Madman. Second one is texting. I stop, creep over and knock on her window and point to the parking lot 50 (!!!!) meters further down the road. Her text was so important she couldn't move 50 meters up ahead. Also, this is 10 (!!!) meters after a petrol station. It wasn't life threatening but this shit makes my blood boil. I don't even see if I have texts when i'm driving a car, how the fuck do you see one, decide it's that important that you need to block cyclists and can't park legally 50 meters up ahead?

  • I don't even see if I have texts when i'm driving a car, how the fuck do you see one

    I think already having your phone in your hand helps

  • Sad but true :(

  • Got this bastard thing through my tyre this morning while cornering at speed. In a separate incident, a pigeon shat on my pannier. However, the wind was going in the right direction.

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  • Headwind. Rain. All the drivers. Made up by a nice chat for 10miles with another commuter.

  • Did Highbury Corner for the first time this morning since the new layout came into play. Work on the whole project still ongoing so traffic stacked up from all directions but simply flew through from Canonbury Road to Highbury Fields - impressed with the cycle lanes and cyclist-priority lights.

  • Making the most of wife being on maternity leave so not having to hang around and get my daughter fed and dressed for school. This morning thought Id add on a few extra miles so went from Kent to the city via Richmond park. Was so late for work but a bit of riding away from traffic makes the commute so much more pleasurable

  • Northbound seems pretty quick and convenient, but Southbound could be a nightmare, depending on the light timings and how clogged the junction gets with drivers blocking the lanes.

  • bastard headwind BUT about a tenth of the cyclists who were on the road yesterday. Roll on winter!

  • Usual ride in as far as Blackfriars, then diverted to the Giant store near St Paul’s for some spares. Store doesn’t open til 9.30 so I had a 25 min wait scratching my balls and getting cold. Gah.

  • Saw this bad boy locked up in town in the way in today. Definitely doesn't look legal.

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  • Or balanced. Looks like it would be trying to pull a right-hander all the time

  • Not me. I wear an actual superhero cape.

  • Not me, I don't help people.

  • Off road is where it’s at

  • Looks like a number plate and MOT required jobby.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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