This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • I decided to WFH this afternoon, & in riding home from the office & BMW driver pulled up close behind me, revved loadly & beeped his horn several times all because I wasn't turning left like he was, but continuing down the road in the bike lane. I really don't understand the mindset.

  • they just switch off a bit.

    Yeah got to be honest, I made a pretty stupid mistake on a roundabout this morning myself (on my bicycle though, so still only endangering myself...). I think it might take a week or two for people to snap back and get into gear again properly.

  • Cunt on the way home last night - yes I did fucking punch your car as you tried to squeeze through the island you fucking prick. If I can pick your passenger's fucking nose as you try to pass, you are too fucking close, cunt.
    Cunt on the way in this morning - yes mate, I'd get on the cycle path if I could. The cunts who are parked in it are stopping that though. And you just stare straight ahead as I roll past as you're stuck in the queue of cars that means you'll be waiting for at least another two cycles at the lights. Give you time to think about what a cunt you are.

    Cunts cunts cunts. Out in force.

    (Edited to remove gratuitous language)

  • Would appear many are using the quiet roads to practice high speed driving ‘skills’ with full beam for good measure. Those drivers would definitely qualify as the “cunts” around here.

    Hmmm, rather depressing thought that the only thing stopping the majority of drivers from being cunts is the weight of traffic robbing them of the opportunity.

  • Hmmm, rather depressing thought that the only thing stopping the majority of drivers from being cunts is the weight of traffic robbing them of the opportunity.

    It's true.

  • nice commute in this morning, a chance to shift some of the excess weight I put on over Christmas, empty roads and not too chilly.
    Will do again.

  • Tonight home was much betterer. No shenanigans from fiat 500s tonight.

    Sorry for my outburst earlier folks.

  • +1 on that from my same experience today. Bunch of sociopaths...

  • The excesses of Christmas appear to have taken their toll this morning

  • I can now feel my thumbs and toes properly after two hours. Fuck me was that cold.

  • That'll buff out, i may have a spare if you're interested/willing to risk it.

    Commuting this week has been great, plenty of bellend drivers but the general quietness makes it easy to move on. Its pretty clear to me schools are the reason for all my commuting pain and it's perfectly reasonable for me to direct my hatred at school kids as none of them pay road tax.

  • with full beam for good measure

    I'm not sure it's full beam or dipped anymore. A lot of new cars seem to be equipped with retina burning trillion proton scatter ray lights these days and no matter the angle, always seem to blind you.

  • This.
    Mind you, having switched to a dynamo and 50lux lamp, candles look bright now. Even moths ignore me.

  • they just switch off a bit.

    How is that any different from any other day?

  • I like to slow down, stop then question their beeping. I've got all the time in the world to chat to Britain's friendliest drivers.

  • cheers for the offer @jono84, but I've already ordered a replacement.

    So cold this morning

  • Memes moth thread >>>>>

  • Strangely enough, Belfast drivers are all very chill this week.

    I got mega room from an Audi driver, even waited behind me to left me get past a car parked on the double yellows.

    Perhaps the excess of drink/food with the lack of school runs/traffic chaos have mellowed everyone out. For now.

    Cycled behind a cyclist yesterday with a rear light that was off. I told him and he said he forgot to charge it at work. No hi-vis or reflective wear and all "hivizblack". I stayed with him for a bit but lost him lateron, hopefully he got a Belfast buslane route and got home OK.

    Should have offered him my hi-vis builders found on the road light emergencies vest but I forgot about that when i spoke to him.

  • Do you have a moment to talk about your driving, punk? ;)

  • This here is the .44 magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, it could blow your head clean off. Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya?

  • Better be with titanic screws, won't somebody think of the weight!

  • “retina burning trillion proton scatter ray lights”

    ... on the front, which come on automatically whereas for some insane reason the rear lights do not, so everyone thinks they have their lights on but are actually Invisible Ninjas from Behind.*

    *Which, coincidentally, is one of my favourite fruity films.

  • trillion proton
    The pedant in me struggles with this phrasing.

  • schools are starting to go back it would seem.
    traffic levels / close passes back up as people remember how to drive in traffic, or not, as was the case with the bmw driver who had clipped a kerb at speed and totalled his 'ultimate driving machine' backwards into a lamppost at a busy roundabout...

    happy new year!

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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