This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Yeah, I actually find that useful as well. I'm in a bus lane coming up behind a stationary bus. If they start to indicate I won't bother moving out into potentially faster moving traffic.

  • I've spent a disproportionate amount of time trying to think of a new design for bus indictors.

    Instead of hazard lights being the indicators, I thought two red led Xs would be better to show they're not going anywhere. Plus arrows on either side. Rather than comfort indicators - you tap the indicator and there would be an orange arrow pointing forwards to show you're pulling off but not changing lanes. Then a right/left arrow for full indicate.

    Still thinking about it...

  • Passed this monstrosity down Oval way this morning

    Am I being oversensitive feeling a little threatened by the Terminator telling cyclists to beware?

  • I would feel more aesthetically threatened by that thing more than anything else.

    Somewhere on a truckers internet forum that thing is cluttering up their anti-porn thread.

  • Grass them up to the copyright holders? :)

  • On the subject of buses using their hazard lights all the time and confusing the fuck out of everyone on if they're pulling out or not, it would be super useful if their orange lights would just be able to blink on and off at a different frequency/tempo when being used in hazard-light mode to when they're being used as indicators.

    Would make things way simpler, especially when a load of buses are all sitting at a stand together and are backed up, meaning you can only ever see their right-hand orange light anyway and so can't tell if they're indicating or have hazards on. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  • I bet the Hydro cleaning jet wash would clean your bike really really well.

    It would be so clean the bare metal would shine as it catches the sunlight (because the paints been cleaned off) and if it has a Steam jet function your bearings would be spotless internally as well :)

    Probs cut a carbon bike in half :)

  • Not sure if the same truck but same fleet one of them has a shed load of colourful flashing lights that they turn on at night, becomes like a disco and is distracting for everyone.

  • Why don't they just use their left indicator to show they're staying left/into the kerb and their right indicator to show they're moving out/away from the kerb? It's what you'd do in a car (unless you're a taxi that's trying to excuse stopping in a stupid place) and avoids the problem with not being able to see both indicators.

  • I often think they could use the same lights but hazards flash twice as fast...
    EDIT: @jvhp - agreed.

  • I passed it this morning too.

    I got the same feeling.

  • I reckon that could get confusing. In my eyes:

    Turning left indicator on = am turning left.
    Turning left indicator on when parked and there is nowhere to turn left = confusing.

  • Don't hazards/indicators flash faster when the bulbs need changing though?

  • Yep rear indicator flashes faster if the front indicator bulb on the same side has blown for example

  • 'I vant your bibs, your bell and your brompton'?

  • get to the

  • This is a good point. To get around this, I reckon the best thing would be for the hazard setting to be a quick double flash* of the lights followed by a pause, then repeat

    • quick double flash = not a euphemism.
  • unless said bus is parked in some sort of dogging scenario.

  • Then three for ‘thanks for letting me out’, four for ‘your indicator is still on, you tool’, five for ‘I’m slowing down for the queue you’ve not spotted because you’re only looking as far as my brake lights’, etc.

    This’ll be like going back to the old party line telephone lines, when you had to wait for your number of rings

  • Bet they've not paid royalties on the images used... maybe let James Cameron know

  • Ironically you might want to keep quiet on the plagiarism claims...­

  • Last week I saw a lorry with five ft high airbrush murals dedicated to Ewan MacGregor and Charley Boorman's 2004 Sky TV series "Long Way Round"

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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