This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • First bike commute in about a year or so, tried the Quietway 7 route.
    Not great as a designated "quiet" route, but a little bit nicer than my old route (Milkwood Drive shudders).

    Nice to see London Bridge and either end are still massive dangerous clusterfucks for cycles, is there no TFL plan to sort out that route for cycling?

  • You can't tease us with only the shadow. Not if it's running doublespok.exe.

  • @Jonny69 called it incongruous, which seemed massively ironic considering that I posted in rat bikes and frankenbeaters...

    I had to use whatever was available from the parts bin so cockpit needs some more work yet. Different stem and bar angle.

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  • That's epic. Can't help but think it needs mad aerobars though

  • It had, at one point and the hive mind bemoaned them. I might swap out for Mavic pursuits and bar end shifters on cut down aero bars. Gonna see what’s in the workshop basement.

  • The hive mind is a fickle brute

  • Put the disc on the back. The streets deserve it!

  • Noooo the disc is way too flexy, it’s bendy like a bendy thing.

    Also, minor gusts of wind on the way home had me think the bike would fly out from beneath me. Scary stuff.

  • I once rode my TT bike from my flat in Wanstead to Eastway for a race with a rear disc wheel. I got to the Green Man roundabout in Leytonstone and a gust of wind nearly put me under a bus. I got off, walked it back home and swapped the wheel out for a blade spoked one. Bugger that.

  • That was the year of 60mph winds in Scotland and close to 5" of rain in 24 hours around Eskdalemuir.

    Fuck knows how the guy managed to get that thing up to Edinburgh and back and remain in one piece.

  • It’s that scooped-up-from-underneath sensation that browns my trousers, feels so very unnatural.

  • See, I don’t notice that with either of my discs on the back. I can definitely feel the Corima blowing around on the front, however.

  • Never had any issues with a disc. It's deep front wheels that can get 'fun' in high cross winds.

  • Maybe it’s having the fourspoke on the front that’s doing it then. It is very iiiiinteresting this last couple days.

  • well, you're not exactly on the light side

  • No, but there's plenty of little womenz that race TTs on discs and they aren't all dragged out of the hedges when the wind's up.

  • Weight distribution is typically somewhere around 70/30, so more than twice as much weight keeping the back wheel stable than the front.

  • Less on a TT bike so it's even funnier people complaining about discs acting as sails. It's the front wheel that does the lane changing for you...

  • Well it totally makes sense, since this issue has presented itself since installing the 4spk, but I’d have the fear with an even lighter and more susceptible read wheel.

    Would look way rad tho.

  • Blackfriars bike lane is beyond a joke. An ambulance treating like 3 riders who collided there by the looks of it, loads of terrible cycling generally

  • Little bit of water got rid of most of the nodders. Bring back winter!

  • Still in shorts and t-shirt, little bit of windchill with no gloves. I'm not letting go of 'summer' that easily England.

    All traffic was down - it was fucking dead even at near peak hour. Half term?

  • Little bit of water got rid of most of the nodders. Bring back winter!

    Never understood this

  • Half term?

    For some of the private schools, yes.

    For most of the state schools, no, that's next week.

    [EDIT] Green wave this morning, only 45s stopped according to Strava, must be some kind of record if I bothered to track that kind of thing.

  • Too many people think going two abreast/overtaking is acceptable when you leave the bridge going northbound toward and past watergate st. The amount of people that overtake when there are oncoming bikes, only to get to the red light at Ludgate Circus, is maddening.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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