This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • look at his arrogant fucking pose in the bike

    That's pretty special, the cycling equivalent of man-spreading on the tube.

  • No, normally I mix it up a bit, eggs, porridge, maybe a bagel.

  • What's wrong with it? I sometimes sit on my top tube like that if I want a rest as your saddle is nearly always too high for you to sit on it with feet comfortably on the floor. But I still want to be able to get away quickly when the lights change hence foot on pedal.

  • lol v. accurate

  • True, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t why he was doing it given that when the lights changed he rolled very slowly across the junction looking around to check he was getting maximum attention.

  • I hang a left at Tudor street to cut out that corner. Much less stressful but currently involves walking as there is a huge hole in the ground.

  • I saw him at the Angel/City Road crossroads at about 9:30. If anyone wants to musicragemurder him it looks as though between us we have his route down.

    The madness of how loud the speaker was kinda made me smile though. He just looked completely eccentric.

  • Also, at the time I saw him he was queueing next to a battered white van full of builder ladz who blatantly wanted to have a go at him but it seemed had come to the conclusion he was a bit of an unknown quantity/wouldn't hear them anyway.

  • yea that's my route home, but had never considered doing it on the way in. Once that hole is filled in I'll go that way. I hate that stretch of the cycle lane, it's way too thin for two abreast at the speeds ppl go but people still insist on doing it.

  • Did my first commute in London for ages today (moved out of town a few years ago).

    More nodders than I ever remember, which I suppose is a good thing on the whole if a little annoying.

    Also noticed that, whilst the trend on fixeh skiddrs used to be for ludicrously narrow bars, now it seems more towards the super-wide, mid-rise MTB style bar. Anyone able to shed light on why that’s changed?

  • Opens up your chest so you can breath, plus it’s dead comfy.

  • some Mash vid or something made them trendy in the US a couple of years ago. I think drop bars are du jour again now, at least over here in the Pacific NW. I had some 800mm risers on mine until very recently - someone told me they were "very 2016".

    They're great for climbing and super comfy but so dreadful for riding in traffic. Bad for your rotator cuffs in the long run too, I'd imagine.

  • Opens up your chest so you can breath


  • I saw a white van driver going apoplectic with rage on a near deserted suburban street this morning.

    The reason for this, a school child on a bike, indicating to turn right at a roundabout had had the temerity to take the lane.

  • Electric longboard on the CS7 this morning - turns out I'm fine with it.

    Also, I've tweaked a muscle in my back that makes it hurt to check my right shoulder.


  • Chap eating a whole bag of Colin the Caterpillars for breakfast on the train this morning. Hardcore...

  • Molotov through the front window should fix that.

  • Don't judge me!

  • works lorry had crashed outside my house, spilling a load of cones, and in doing so neatly creating its own diversion.

  • Just... no.

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  • More sun please

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  • someone called that bike incongruous though

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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