This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Fucking hell where did all these fucking morons on bikes suddenly come from?

  • I was nearly clattered exiting goods way onto York way and turning left this evening.

    Woman thought she could undertake me at speed just as I was setting off.

    Just as well I wasn't a bus...

  • Some clearly left the car at home.

  • I’m all for it. The more bicycle mayhem the better

  • People join the forum for a variety of reasons.

  • haw^ I wish rep existed again.

    @Jezston The place to talk about noddergeddon is... nevermind.

  • The return of fair weather and it's associated cycling hoards has left the standard bike route to the train(not to mention the bike car on the train itself) hopelessly clogged. To risk death rather than homicide I just went straight through the hilly, sketchy, bit instead. Wasn't too bad and shaved ~10 minutes from the commute. death before delays/10

    Also both routes include a "tour du tenderloin" where apparently people have been being attacked with used needles lately so maybe my faster pace* is keeping me more safe.

    * I almost said "speed is keeping me more safe" but, you know, drugs.

  • CS7 still horrible - same reason.

    Also headwind.


  • late night desperation and tinkering rendered a single speed commuter from my crabon. I had to go with 48:18 because no way to tension the chain... much spin.

    OTOH, given I am usually pushing a hi-ten with fat tires up and down London, the weight difference is amazing.

    But uh, yeah. Need a doofer/tensioned/whatsit.

  • The wind combined with shorts and windbreaker got my body real confused today: hands and legs freezing; torso was boiling due to the windbreaker.
    Also, is it me or are peds becoming more suicidal? The amount of crazy shit that kept happening today made me almost get off and push the last kilometer.

  • At the left turn into Kennington Road today a ped stepped out to cross, fine, there was enough of a gap between the previous cyclist and me, but then another person (on their phone obviously) looks up, sees him cross and just steps out. Cue controlled (for once) advice from me not to step out and to look first...


  • Saw this utter weapon today at Parliament Square. What makes people think that everyone else wants to listen to their crappy music at ear-splitting volume? Some people love the attention I suppose.

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  • Also, look at his arrogant fucking pose in the bike - ‘yes madam, that is my music. I’m exerting power over you because you have no choice but to listen to it. That makes me feel big’

  • Meet cyclist at lights: "excuse me, your bag is a little bit open" (the zip was half open and looked like his t-shirt etc. could fall out)
    "oh, thank you"
    Stops and adjusts zip.

    He also said I was very fast, I'll take it! But hippy and any other srz cyclists will overtake me no bother!

    Yesterday a guy went downhill Cavehill road (very nice MTB route up there) on a MTB, with a full face helmet. On the kerb. Well, better to be safe eh?

  • top arsehole.

  • Saw him today too, somewhere in the West End, don't recall exactly where, also couldn't hear what he was playing as it was drowned out by the music coming out of my speaker.

  • ‘>>>>> ASBO thread ;-)

  • I wish a thousand punctures on the prick.

  • Turning left on to fleet st the northbound cycle highway at Ludgate circus is a daily test of my patience. Peds are literally always gambling and just assuming no one turns left; some even step out and cross after having made eye contact with you! The only thing I've found it to constantly ding my bell while going round and shout "no" to anyone who tries to step out.

  • I must've shown up on some people's twatdars this morning...

    After saying on cunts commute on Zipps I was out at commuter time (though not commuting so I'm sticking with my rules) on the Shiv with full TT setup including skinsuit and sperm hat... under baggy shorts and a jacket with a backpack on. That's how I roll.

  • Trying to get to work early so you’ve got time to eat your third breakfast?

  • Huge respect to the Cirque du Soleil rider who clipped a kerb near Waterloo, went over the bars onto his feet, bike flipped a couple of times around him, tyre-bounced about three feet in the air to come to rest in the middle of the road. Fucking frightening, or would have been if I hadn't known it was a professional performance. Thumbs up for OK.
    Also, thanks Balfes Streatham. Like riding a magic carpet today.

  • WFH

    Double Bagel Day™

  • Isn't that every day?

    Bagels are just wheat based crack. Nom nom nom.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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