This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Last night I saw a Peugeot (car!) blast through a red-lighted junction at probably 50mph in Pimlico. Surreal to see someone driving that recklessly and irresponsibly. I hope something really fucking terrible happened to them, like locking themselves out of online banking. They deserve it.

  • The old woman will be dead soon. Chin up.

  • Shit weekend. Had reason to ring imaginary bells at two cars as they overtook me - one within about 20cm and the other as I was about to turn right and while I was signalling said turn and riding next to the markings in the middle of the road. Would've liked to have invited both of them to wrap their cars around lampposts, preferably after undoing their seatbelts.

  • Nice cycle in, bit warmer and calmer wind.

    Riding primary near Holborn and a cab driver leans on the horn and swerved around me, stopping at the red lights in 20m. His window was down, so I engaged in some casual conversation.

    "Was that horn at me?"
    "Yeah, you were in the middle of the road"
    "So are you" (he didn't like this)
    "I wanted to be in front"
    "Was it worth it?"

    Response was lots of babbling, slurring and shouting (possibly drunk) and I cycled ahead to the ASL.

    Otherwise, great to finally bump into @HatBeard, hope your cycle was event-free.

  • I'm disappointed there was no reference to road tax

    Cabbie must try harder.

  • The warmer weather definitely brought out all manner of cycling cunts today.

  • Nice to meet you too. commute wasn't terrible. wish I'd left 10 minutes earlier though as was still busier than I liked.

  • Two dickheads to report this morning.

  • I've had 3 visits from the fairy so far this year.

    I only had 3 all year last in 13,750 miles.

  • Speaking of surreal..........I was waiting at the lights in the car, first in the queue, when a scooter suddenly skids past me pulling a wheelspin at top speed, then burns rubber in front of us with smoke and the like everywhere, then pulls off at top speed through the red light, weaves over the crossroad between the cars coming across his path and rips off up the road.

    This, at 5.30 on a rainy sunday night!

    Hopefully that yellow "traffic incident" sign thats appeared up the road a bit is related to him.

  • Followed a black cab towards a very red light this morning...

    He isn't? He is?? He has!!

    Just sailed through like it wasn't there.

  • Daily commute here in Berlin. Rode past the scene of a lorry vs. bike crash this morning. Apparently it happend 15 minutes earlier. The victim was lying on the ground, already covered with blankets. She died at the scene. Loads of police and ambulances. So sad and upsetting.

  • Unlike yesterday which was full of fucking idiots, today was relatively chill.

  • RIP rider.

    What's the law like in Germany? Is it like NL or UK?

  • Terrible. RIP rider. Hope you're ok too, dude.

  • I don't really know, but my guess is it's not such a big difference regarding the law. I regularly see drivers got a minimal sentence after such fatalies for whatever reasons, so maybe the same as in UK..

  • thanks, i am fine..was quite a bit shaken first, now getting more upset, especially after reading comments on the local newspaper article, blaming "the cyclists"..impossible to see them, its dark, why on road, why even near the lorry, i once saw one rlj...ahh, this woman just died, and people post this bs..

  • Last night. BMW X3 parked across the bike lane and pavement with no way to get around it.

    Me: You're parked in the bike lane
    Her: We're actually here giving free food to homeless people
    Me: That's great but you're parked in the bike lane
    Her: You should wear a helmet


  • Puncture. There, I said it.

    None in two years, two in the past two weeks. And coinciding with my right-hand Ergo shifter suddenly giving up the ghost. What must I do to break this curse?

  • not really a commuting story, but i did some laps up at the lea valley velopark this afternoon.

    there was some sort of training thing going on in one of the trackside meeting rooms which finished about halfway through my ride. I've been on enough of those sorts of things to know that there is some sort of refreshment in the room, so i parked up, went in and had a cup of coffee once everyone had gone.

    i also had some biscuits.

  • ^sticking it to the man

  • It just pisses down all the fucking time...

  • Little Merc passes pretty close on the exit ramp near work. I didn't think much of it but as I rolled up behind them I think they thought I might be relieving them of a wing mirror so they drove around a car already stopped and busted through the red. Top shelf drifing. Yes, drifing.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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