This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • After a couple of brain surgeries I think maybe I should've stuck with funny cat gifs...

  • Hopefully he decides driving in London is a fucking stupid idea, quits, sits at home and invents a "Shit Happens" bumper sticker...

  • I bet in his mind it's still your fault though.

  • He was welcome to have a discussion about it. I'd just left the gym though so probably would've ripped his face off.

  • Am surprised every year how much colder it is in January than in November and December when my brain is predisposed to think it will be cold as fuck.
    Chilly with a headwind. But bright, so not all bad.
    Legs are killing me after starting running again, but the spin home last night took a lot of the burny ache away...
    Gonna have to book in some brompton/train days for a bit of rest and recovery over the coming weeks as I ramp up the running.

  • Has anyone else been through the new road layout at Dulwich Village yet and also found it massively fucking confusing?

  • You used to have to give way if coming down Calton Avenue and trying to enter Court Lane/Dulwich Village. Has priority now changed? If so, someone needs to tell all the car drivers who last night looked as confused as I was, especially the ones who responded to the confusion by merrily tearing across the junction at 30mph regardless.

  • It's a mess at the moment, proper accident waiting to happen.

  • Priority has changed but the road markings are not exactly bright and clear.

  • Ok phew. I rode like a bit of a dick through there then other day without realising and was worrying you had observed it ...

  • My good lady was cycling through Wandsworth Common at about 7.30am on her way to Hounslow when a pedestrian just steps off the pavement in front of her just near the station. Hits him full-on, goes over the front, lands on her back, cracks the back of her head on the way down. Cars stop, some get out, guy takes his coat off and puts it around her as she's sitting up by now. Meanwhile the 'man' who stepped out on her hangs around for about a minute and then fucks off without saying a word.

    I was about to leave for work when I got the call, so I drove out from Thornton Heath to pick her up. Bike is ok (her beloved 90's Aussie Paconi 531 criterium bike), she's bruised, her neck is as stiff as a board, and her Giro Neon is cracked and her glasses are trashed.

    So what sort of complete cunt does that to a woman and then just fucks off without an apology, an "are you ok?" or even an offer to replace her busted kit? The Giro is about £120 alone. I'm well tempted to go back there in the morning at the same time and wait for him (white, 30's, dark hair, overcoat) and either spark him straight out or at least drag him to a cash point. And that's now, when I'm calmer. Fucking spineless shitweasel.

  • what sort of complete cunt does that to anyone?

    Lots of complete cunts out there. I've been a hit&run victim a number of times.

  • Your partner is Charlotte Alliston aicmfp

    Generally pedestrian is king, and it is our duty not to plough into them.

    I have had similar moments myself and with hindsight would now consider me crashing into a pedestrian as something I have to take responsibility for, even when there has been gross negligence on the pedestrian’s part.

  • Sure, but this fella isn't so much a see you next Thursday because he stepped out but because he walked away without the decency to check for injury.
    Blame for the crash can be sorted after. Least any of us can do in any collision is to make sure everyone is alright.

  • I'm well tempted to go back there in the morning at the same time and wait for him (white, 30's, dark hair, overcoat) and either spark him straight out or at least drag him to a cash point.

    doesn't entirely match your interpretation

  • If we assume the best perhaps he was just shocked and thought the other people who stopped had already managed the situation. People act strangely after being in an accident.

  • Playing devil's advocate to the devil's advocates here - just because faster road users have a responsibility to pedestrians it doesn't mean they are always at fault. If a ped steps out close enough to you then there is no way to stop in time. You can ride away from the kerb, anticipate the movements of Peds you can see and slow down when unsighted, but sometimes someone will literally sprint out at you 10cm away and you're buggered.

  • Anyone been out for a ride in that windy yet? Not sure I'm really excited by the prospect!

  • Each year I'm like "wait, does it get this cold in winter?" And then when summer comes around "oof, I forgot it could be this warm"

    Must have been a goldfish in a previous life :)

  • Plenty of excitement round these parts. Painless commute with a bit of considerate pavement cyclery to skip around all the stationary traffic.

    amusement at miserable dickheads in cars/10

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  • I don't follow. He can't be a c___ because he's white and 30 something?

  • I'll just point out that you have given a description of the vast majority of guys who will walk past.

  • Fecking windy as. All week. Make it stop. Please. I'm tired.
    Added fun of negotiating all the bins blown over, rubbish everywhere.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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