This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Well, could maybe have done with less wine and sangria last night, but, you know.

  • Nice! Which road? Princess May area is so much nicer since they closed off Wordsworth/Matthias junction.

  • This kind of post saddens me. It's great that your partner rides so much, but shameful that she gets abuse on a daily basis.

    We need a sea change in attitudes.

  • Side point but it's worth remembering one can tighten the lower derailleur limit screw and use the 2nd or maybe 3rd cog.

  • I really didn't know what to do for a brief moment... was she gonna just stand there? Was she gonna get out of my way? Or was she gonna grab me off of my bike? (This has happened to me once outside Waterloo station when a woman decided it was funny trying to grab my arm when she was standing still and I wasn't)

  • I should have stopped right in front of her and stared right into her soul.

  • With the bus stop she put up and looking past you like she was looking what number bus was coming it really looked like she was just waiting for a bus.

  • Probably, to be honest, I am really not sure if I like the design of that particular lane because it kind of leads to nowhere in a sense and peds walk everywhere during busy times. I have even seen bikes going the opposite direction when it's clearly a one way lane. I only use it when I go to work which is the building on the left and I get off just pass that woman.

    It's Elephant and Castle by the way and I am still a little terrified by the whole road design that is supposed to be more cycle friendly?

  • Yeah I know, but she didn't have a cross-head 'driver on her. I'll stick a multi-tool in her bag for Monday!

  • I dislike that it's very bumpy as they didn't roll it enough. It's on my regular route north and seems to be busy with everyone going the right way the times I've used it. I'm not a huge fan of cycle infrastructure for my own riding as I can just ride either without issue but I feel it's a good thing for cycling especially for little kids and stuff so make the effort to use good infrastructure to show support for it. Much prefer filtered permeability so it isn't cycle specific but does make the area much nicer to ride in.

    All the times I've had someone deliberately block me cycling or try to grab me to bitch about cyclists they've just given enough body language or something I've stopped a short distance from them and been able to reply whatever they yell at me with "well I've stopped, I'm not your problem" to which they then complained I was riding a high horse rather than a bike.

    By giving cyclists that narrow scrap of leftover space once they put all the lanes they could in for drivers it means cyclists won't take up/use/block a full lane. It's rather simple maths that traffic models have spat out not a great love of cycling.

  • Yes it's bumpy, could you hear the rattling noise in the chip? It was from the bungee cords on the front rack. Do you go all the way pass E&C - Blackfriars bridge - all the way to / pass Kings X? I have grown to like the bit from after St George's circus. I am all for kids learning how to ride bikes and often see groups of them on that route, but whenever I am running late and have to go north... and behind a group, my heart skips a beat... :-P I usually just get off my bike and walk very fast to bypass them...

    By the way, the cycle cams we got last year is still going strong, the len is bit scratched, hence a smudge on the all the clips...

  • Mech jumps to the small sprocket, forcing her to grind home on a 42/12. She nailed it, bless her.

    She sounds as if she must have loved it. :)

    Sorry to hear about all the abuse. We have this thread:­59/

  • It's Elephant and Castle by the way and I am still a little terrified by the whole road design that is supposed to be more cycle friendly?

    It's rubbish and you're right to be concerned. The whole scheme is wrong in conception, but they bottled it over rebuilding the junction's whole underpinning (well, there wasn't funding and it would have taken years), which has led to the many issues with its shape.

  • I'm trying to cycle different ways to colour all the map in on my strava thing. If I'm doing blackfriars I'll usually go Brixton -> Oval -> War Museum -> St George Circus and avoid E+C. More London Bridge way if doing E+C.

  • We need guns.


  • This happened to me last weekend. I'd bought screwdriver to add to kit before TABR before realising my Di2 uses allen keys for limits. My 10spd doesn't though. I used a spare chain link to get me a couple of gears up from 11T.

  • Darnley Rd, Brenthouse Rd. Part of Q2

  • How do you get that view? Doesn't look like my Strava heatmap


    detail = high
    add to current
    opaque to the max
    1 pixel
    don't zoom

    Once finished drag to show what I want then hit print screen and paste into mspaint.

  • That about sums it up.

  • Gabba jacket, Horizons and mudguards. Smug/10

  • Mudguards & race cape.


  • Possibly too warm. Have not mastered the Autumn transition clothing.

    But overshoes on, and dry feet. 11/10 would commute again.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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