This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • Could be any number of the arses who do that along there.

  • Taxi squeezed past me (as I yelled "Too close! Too close!") in the bus lane on Kennington Park Road. Of course, we ended up at the same red light, where I had words.

    Think he was trolling me - his response to "I could have reached out and touched your cab" was "Well, why didn't you then?"


  • He has a point. Taxi stroking is the new bus stroking. Get on board, for the love of all that is fixie.

  • You had to reach?
    Loadsa room. Htfu

  • My own silly fault really - I should have been in primary.

  • Two evening commutes this week and i'm already up to 10 cars i've asked to turn their lights on... 4 on Monday and 6 last night.

    My favourite was the lady in the Nissan Juke who said thanks, reached for the stereo controls in the middle, fumbled a bit then asked me where the light switches might be. The car was a 65 plate so it's not like she just rolled out of the showroom!

  • I should have been in the cycle lane that drivers paid trillions of pounds for.

  • Alas, at that point the CS7 and the bus lane are one and the same.

  • Speed-clean-repack of the old bb in record time last night.
    Skills! Not squeaking now! Yay! What could go wrong! 12 miles from work!
    Morning Mr Mower Repair Man, couldn't borrow a 15mm socket could I? Need to fix my crank arm back on...
    Checking crank bolts are tight/0

  • Doh!

  • Been there. Also had the fun experience of wondering why my single speed conversion had suddenly become noisy a few weeks back. Looked down and the chain seemed to be oscillating left and right. Stopped and realised the bb had begun to unscrew itself. Needless to say I decided not to mash it up College road in that state.

  • I've had that - my track bike's Belgian and the BB threads are clockwise on both sides. had a BB shell unscrew itself into the crank and seize the drivetrain while i was coming off a roundabout. I've no idea how I didn't end up on the floor.

  • Glad it's not just me.
    My misfortune, however, did appear to warm the mechanic's morning, so not all wasted.

  • Urgh. I've had that happen to me before in that exact same spot, thankfully with no lasting damage to me or my bike.

    Hope you get somewhere with it.

  • Apparently it's ok for other cyclists to do close passes. Who knew:
    Me at lights further up the road: "bit close back there mate, you literally brushed my shoulder"
    Response: "yea but I'm on a bike so won't do much damage anyway"

  • Kick him off his bike and see how much damage is inflicted?

  • Something something frozen sausages..?

  • @AlexD I was thinking something like that.

    @MrSweary how about frozen sausages in front wheel while moving?

  • It's a mess round there. I'll make sure to smile and wave next time I see her.

    Bloody cyclists.

  • witnessed a cyclist hit by a car last night, dude was ok, bike a bit mangled though. Paramedic who checked him out victim blamed him for not wearing a helmet! He'd apparently just bought his bike which was a refurb job from somewhere in Dalston: a single speed with rear brake only!

  • how is that road legal?

  • It won't be, two mechanical brakes. Fixed rear can count for one.

  • Bellowed at in rage by an angry man, who heard me laugh as he was riding past and looking at his phone, then dropped it and managed to run it over.

  • I rode my bicycle through some parks. The sun was shining and the leaves were a lovely autumnal orange.

    I am become zen.

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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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