This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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  • PHV blocking the northbound cycleway at the Fleet St/ Farringdon St junction. Getting an earful of abuse from passing cyclists, as well as a grilling from about 6 cycle cops.

  • Sewer works I think - that diversion is going to be in place for months

    Got called a dickhead for getting in the right-hand lane to... er... turn right at the roundabout at the south side of Trafalgar Sq. "How much room do you want???" says the guy in a single occupant car

    Otherwise very pleasant

  • In place for two years...
    Search for thames water sewer.

  • high winds today so decided to cycle/train/cycle so i can cycle home all the way with 30mph tails.... instead of run/train/run - strange but cycling was only 5 mins faster than running - traffic, traffic lights and having to go long way via roads rather than singletrack up to work..... also it seemed a lot of faff with cycling (cleats and helmets and glasses and getting the bike through the train barriers....) still , didnt need a shower!!!

  • 2 City of London police cars jumping red lights at Mile End Road at about 40mph this morning, escorting 2 large unmarked trucks with only 'CAUTION: CONVOY' written on them...

    WTF was in them?!

  • 2 City of London police cars jumping red lights at Mile End Road at about 40mph this morning, escorting 2 large unmarked trucks with only 'CAUTION: CONVOY' written on them...

    Bullion or bank notes most likely.

  • Normally when the get to the City, they stop the traffic and politely point machine guns in your face.

  • Might be a terrorist on the way to the Old Bailey.

  • I hate that roundabout, it could do with some attention/re-design.

  • Cheers, but that is quite a diversion!

  • I come in from E Finchley to Mayfair. I used to extend my route around Wood Green. Tottenham. City. Then I discovered I was adding risk and dread to an already stressy journey. So now I take an easy journey/warmup into Regents Park. Then do circuits. With few early morning cars and fewer interruptions. The odd stop/start is a welcome variation. Then I 'stroll' to Mayfair. So much safer, calmer etc and I can do some thinking while riding. And extra circuits if I have legs and time. Bit boring I suppose. My only uphill is homeward up Archway Road. But I really notice the positive difference.

  • Bullshit headwind this morning, but lovely tailwind this evening. Hit 28mph on the flat along Holloway Road on my little Brompton :)

  • I usually only read this thread, rather than posting on it, but felt advised to warn other peeps about a Mercedes Benz I saw tonight on the way home though Wimbledon village/town:

    His iPhone was attached to his screen like a GPS...except he was watching TV. No one else was in the car. I did pass him a mile or so before and only noticed when he overtook me again. By the time I got my phone out he was gone. Truly gobsmacked!

  • new job new commute, anyone got any suggestions for making it less main-road-traffic-lights filled whilst still being decently fast?

  • Cheers - I was looking at routes in that kind of way - any reason I should avoid switching it to a more direct route like this?

  • I was just sort of going off the top of my head. My thinking was to get you off the main roads because there are shitloads of lights along the direct route, plus loads of pollution on the busiest roads. Mildly revised version here

    My thinking is that north of the A40 is less busy than South. Going Soho way and the peds and lights I thought would be extra slow. It is a little pick-your-poison, fast and hellish or slow and stopy-starty. I'd maybe give both a go and see what you think as it might be that most recent one you posted is nicer than it seems - hard to tell without actually riding it!

  • Don't cross at Vauxhall, maybe Chelsea or Battersea and ride through the park instead? That way you can ride along the Thames path too.

  • Take Lots road, Harbour ave, Imperial road to avoid a few lights.

  • So many people looking the wrong way down the Blackfriars cycle lane and stepping out in front of me. Arseholes, every man-jack of them.

  • Had the old "you should be paying road tax and have insurance" from a driver this morning, after driving alongside me while I'm trying to pull right to make a turn.

  • Adds distance but how about fentiman road / Caldwell street / vassal road instead of Oval / Camberwell new road? Could be quieter?

  • Camberwell New Road isn't that nice, but it does have a bus lane so you move along it pretty fast.

    Most of the alternatives I've tried in that area suffer from impatient rat-run traffic which feels very unsafe by comparison. Would love to know if there is a better way from Camberwell to Oval though.

    There's a number of junction changes being planned to protect the route from Myatts Field to Kennington Park which may help calm down the back streets a bit.

  • "I do pay 'road tax'." (You do.)

    "And I'm insured to cycle." (you are with LCC/CTC memberships).


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This morning's commute and other commuting stories

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