At the Ride In 2

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  • I say belated birthday picnic FTW!

    hmmm the road/polo thing is pissing me off now. I know later on in the month the project has access to the carpark over the road, I can do some digging. Otherwise grass polo anyone? Grrrr.

    The car park over the road is probably worse to be honest...

  • Hmm so maybe polo's off. shit. Maybe we can just have a little polo table? Posters, flyers, bikes, mallets. Demo some stuff? The kids can have a go on the grass?

  • Right the official proposals in. Weathers looking boom ting. Flyers on its way. Please spread the word peeps!!!!!!

  • Okay kids, here are the definite confirmed films. Still waiting to hear back from three more but I'm pushed for time to work out the exact running times and orders.

    Rapha: Two Broad Arrows (Adrian Moat)
    Rapha: D'acciaio - of steel (Ben Ingham)
    Rapha: A Throw of The Dice (Nick Livesey)
    Copenhagen Cycles (Eric Dyer)
    Several of the 'Bike Kills' (Rachel Meyrick)
    Vive Le tour (Louis Malle)
    Polo Manual (As below)
    We've Got It On Tape (Brendan McNamee)

  • There will also be several information tables and I think we should set up our own?!?!?!?

  • You've certainly picked a decent day for it MG.

    Will do my best to make it down after work to check out the films.

  • I'll send anyone who wants the running order, just pm me. I've just decided to take some stuff out. Wheat from the chaffe and all that. I'm absolutely terrified.

  • Its going to be great. Look at this weather!

  • We've got a puncture. How apt.

  • One last thing, this event does not have a license. I am a license holder but it was too short notice for At The Ride In. This means we cannot sell alcohol or allow it on site. However, security have been asked to turn a blind eye to people who are DISCREET when bringing their own - out of sight, out of mind.

    If I catch anyone littering the site with cans or whatnot, I'll throw you out myself (or get someone stronger to do it)!!!!!!

    Soft drinks, water, cake and refreshments available for donation too.

    Oh and some people from local bike workshops (not anyone on here) have offered to do repairs. Boom.

  • Oh and the ride leaves at mac at 5pm. For gods sake, I've got alzheimers.

  • i dont think i will be meeting at the mac beforehand so see you there

  • Right well I have no idea where it is but will be there in a couple of hours hopefully.

  • opposite millenium point next to curzon street station...

  • cheers, right I think I know where I'm going now just gonna head to the station and I'll be on the next train.

  • At work til 7.... might pop in on the way home

  • Well done Jess - lovely night. Blankets were an awesome idea!

  • +1.
    More of the same please!

  • Well done Jess :) Really enjoyed the films and the whole evening.

  • Jessica-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca........ What a great way to round off a mellow summer-like day.
    Its great to catch up with people you don't always get the chance to see regularly, and what a way to do it.
    Top one. More please....

  • Yeah nice work dilla. looking forward to the exhibition

  • Thanks guys, I cannot stress enough how amazing it was that you all came and showed your support!!!

    Also, feedback is HUGELY important for my funding apps. If I can show that people are coming to Nimble events, enjoying themselves and wanting more then I stand a good chance of getting more £££££££ so please e-mail us and I'll print screen your comments here too.

    Bigups to EMM for laying up the polo court with the wood we scavenged. What a legend. X

    Vive le bham tour!!

  • Oh and first deadline for open submissions for cycling exhibition is 14th May. I'm onto Brooks atm. Get 'em in!!!

  • Also guys, if you have any ideas yourselves/want something bringing to Brum then get in touch! Cant always think of everything myself ;)

    Trying to commision this atm:­n/event/212466/the-cycle-symphony

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At the Ride In 2

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