Bike Tag - Newcastle Edition

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  • Ok, so anyone unfamiliar with the thread in the main forum...

    Someone post a picture of their bike somewhere around Newcastle. The next person has to find where it was taken, take a photo of their bike in the same location and then take a new picture of their bike in a new location.

    If it's really difficult or no one can work it out, you could give clues.

    I have created a map anyone can edit.... just follow the link, click 'save to my maps' or something, sign in, and then click edit... The person that took the original picture should put a pin down where the bike was in the photo. You can also add the photo to the pin too.­a=0&msid=206976244316348650733.0004a02e8­5e323a5e3a8b

    I'll start with an easy one.

  • i really want a go, but i don't have a clue where this is.

  • actually, i just worked it out.

  • I love the idea of this thread. Wish I lived closer as I'd be addicted.

  • this one is a bit harder, me thinks. let me know if you need a clue...

  • Golly gosh your bikes nice Gav.
    Thinking caps on, I wanna play

  • Right I've got a rough idea of were it is, lets see how lost I get

  • It seems my local knowledge is shit :(

  • This is super fun. Unfortunately I do not know much about Newcastle geography! I even cheated but no one in my lab knows where either of those photos were taken!

  • The next free hour I get I'm on this !

  • You are a little rascal Gav, just spent over an hour trying to find it to no avail. Went round the castle keep, china town and down the quayside(basically anywhere with old walls/tall buildings)
    Clues I got off Gav are:
    -The building in the background has LLoyds Bank written on it
    -It's not far from the Tyne

  • I've literally not got a fucking clue where Gav's is nor did I have a clue about the first. Bugger.

    Edit: Also, can people add the location of the previous photo - would be cool to plot them on Google maps like the Londoners did.

  • First was down by the Tyne pub,I expect you skidded to victory past it at Cog on the Tyne Andy.
    This could be how im gonna spend every morning from now on

  • This just in
    "Gateshead was definately a good choice....." Gav

  • View Larger Map">
    View Larger Map

    Sorry guys, this is where the first location was. Street view doesn't actually go down the street, but it's the road that runs along the side of the big residential block by the tyne.

  • think i have created a map anyone can edit.... just follow the link, click 'save to my maps' or something, sign in, and then click edit...­a=0&msid=206976244316348650733.0004a02e8­5e323a5e3a8b

  • good call phildog, i couldn't work out how to do that. how do you do it?

  • create a 'my map', then click collaborate i think, and allow anyone to edit the map.

    for this one tho just click the link and sign in, then save it you your maps, click edit

  • I know where it is. It just depends on whether I have time to get to it in the morning. Also it was a deceptive image.

  • i really wanna know where it is, feel like theres something fishy going on with the image/clues

  • I hope you don't get it, with my terrible knowledge of Newcastle I may never have another chance to get in on this.

  • I won't get this as I'm not gonna have time (and still dunno where it is). I'll wait till a few other people have tagged too before doing another.

  • oh i know where it is... i can sleep now...

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Bike Tag - Newcastle Edition

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