Electric Bikes (Gocycle, Lexus, HMK, Cytronex, Greyp, etc)

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  • Yeah I was trying to quickly google average speeds up there but couldn't find a good answer. My personal average would probably be countable on one hand.

  • It would make more sense for you to use something like this

  • Why, if it's still limited to 16mph?

    Admittedly that makes more sense if you were actually looking to go out on a club type ride, but this is just for a short clip. I think the contrast between a MTB and a Road bike would make it much more visually interesting, just need to calculate the correct hill to have a reasonable race.

  • E-mtb's weight approximately the same as the moon. If the motor isn't on then you may as well be riding with square wheels. I'm sure it will be fine for the video.

  • I've a Gocycle G3 added to the stable for the GFs commute. Surprisingly, it's really quite fun. And the design/attention to detail is staggering.

  • Why did you choose this over a Brompton electric?

  • It was cheap. Ridiculously cheap. Originally, it was only bought to play with for a bit and then flip. But after having it for a week, it's genuinely great fun.

    I've had a look at the Brompton Electric, but for the price, it's essentially a standard Brompton with a motor, battery and sensor. And it folds, which is a great attribute if you need that.

    But, the Gocycle is in a different league (and price range). I don't think there's a comparison out there. Pretty much everything is proprietary and designed to fit. There's no external cables or chain. It's got their own wheel mounting system which doesn't need the wheels off to change a tyre or tube and servicing is apparently every 8,000 miles for the sealed chain unit. It appears to be just charge and ride, although time will tell.

  • The Brompton e bike is terrible in comparison. Love the go cycle. Secretly want one

  • Pfff! Love the Brompton e bikes! Super fun, especially when my knees eventually gives up!

  • I think the electric Brompton is in it's first incarnation. Hopefully they'll be able to sort something out much better by the time your knees give out.

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Electric Bikes (Gocycle, Lexus, HMK, Cytronex, Greyp, etc)

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