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  • It's over in the Giro for me, my misplaced faith in top British riders to score plenty of points.

    In other news huge score for @Muddyfox69 in the Portugal League, chapeau.

  • @rhb To be honest, I hadn't even heard of most of these riders. I just chose them because they had nice strips or fancy names!!!

  • Beat my "matching surname" strategy by a long way, especially as I started with 8 as a result - although oddly the dns was auto-swapped for a different rider mid race.

  • 4/9 of my Giro riders are out of the race, 3 of them because of Covid.

  • Nice!

    It's certainly adding an extra layer of intrigue.

  • Here's a snapshot with other riders & teams most likely to withdraw in the coming days.

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  • With Sinkeldam's abandon I have less than half of my team left.

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    • Screenshot 2020-10-13 134802.png
  • Better to have 3 big hitters than my 5 do littlers though. Konrad for gc is my only hope.

    Edit: 4 do littlers, hadn't realised both Thomas's were out, Benjamin withdrawn St.5.

  • Tight at the top but it's going to be last man standing I think. Almeida my only hope!

  • I'm happy to share the 9 riders I've cursed if that helps others do well. #teamplayer

  • Bit like Rochdale making the Carabao Cup semis, I finally had a good day, albeit in the fantasy super classico.

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  • I imagine few here will have been able to resist the amazing mullet Archbold would have brought to the table, but sadly he's out due to illness.

  • 3 days into the Vuelta I've nearly got 2/3rds of my 18 day Giro total.

    Unlucky for Chaves today.

  • Languishing second last in the vuelta, rueing my trust in Pinot again

  • Ah but top of the Giro board!

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  • Chapeau, winner!

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  • Wooooooo

    Wildcard as overall winner helps

  • anyone have any lfgss league links?

  • So it's this time of the year again. Just put in my team for next weeks Giro. Anyone else joining?

  • League Name: LFGSS Armchair DS
    League Code: 506400017

    Couldn't find the old leagues so fill your boots with the above. Velogames has been a big part of my life over the last 5 months :(

  • ASDA assemble.

    (finding this one a bit of a challenge to pick)

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Fantasy Cycling

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