Fantasy Cycling

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  • Lofty height of 3rd at mo, only way is down.

    I need Froome to abandon so my 2 TS doms can get in some breakaways instead.

  • Chaves doing me a solid, up to 4th from 7th 😏

  • Chaves, Yates & Windmills. Pretty good day!

    Top 2 lfgss are flying away though.

  • Let's see if froome can change that for me..😞

  • There’s a fantasy league for the women’s tour by the way.

  • .

  • There’s already an LFGSS league for the entire year.

  • There's a permanent mini league for all games now 610929717

  • Oops forgot it was now that. Will delete! Edit... facepalm here as it'd auto added me to the mini league from the giro.

  • Looks like ASO’s legal team have stepped in over at Velogames..

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  • I don’t get what their beef is? Surely that would also mean Labrokes, William Hill etc can’t take bets on cycling either.

  • Just saw & came to share twitter:

    It'll be about 'rights' if they want to do similar in future I guess?

    Velogames should Sensible Soccer all the names and carry on regardless imo*

    '* not serious advice, lawyers.

  • ASO’s arrogance seriously gets on my nerves.

  • Update:

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  • I'd still play if you had to choose between Piss Floome, Jobby Bungels, Vinny Nibbles, Tommy Poomoolin, Pete Shaghan etc.

    Fuckin rubbish tho. My team was a ringer this year, a ringer I tells you!

  • yep, ASO have launched their version so time to shut down the competition.

  • eurosport's is still up? And's. And's CBN's. And Cobblestone's.

    Was velogames just the most successful, or the smallest/non commercial that makes for easy pickings?

    Anyway. Eurosport's is comparatively shite but there's now a lufguss league if anyone fancies it: VLZTXPTL

  • Not interested.

  • Unfottunatley it's Velogames or chevrons for me. #rep for the Sensi Soccer names though.

  • My sprinter choice looked good today.

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  • Awesome. Who & how if allowed to ask?!

  • :D

    Not quite sure, saw it on reddit. Some Slovakian chap has created this thing on github, uses the same rules/scoring system as velogames. He said to tweet your league code and he'll pull the teams off the velogames site and create the league on velomes... So I tweeted him and he did it :)

    Interestingly, he's also done a trade teams page­eams

  • Hope they develop entry for future races vg cant run too!

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Fantasy Cycling

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