Anyone heard from Hilary Stone recently?

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  • Yes, I've had a few things off him in the last month. Selection is second to none. Communication improved.

  • I was going to buy of him about a month ago and sent him an email, he got back to me the next day.

  • Bought a frame off him a couple of weeks ago, absolutely no problems at all.

  • Great, thanks folks.

  • Hilary has some nice things atm.

    1950's Cinelli track

    Pogliaghi Track

  • Inquired about a frame recently and asked whether he had pictures of it with wheels on. He hasn't replied for 5 days...


  • Did you read the thread?

  • Hehe.

    Just go a jumble. Early. He'll be the one with the sharp elbows.

  • ^^
    I read the last page. But by the sounds of it he'd picked up his game.

    Not in Londonium unfortunately.

  • Hilary. To a tee.

  • All is well. He has replied.

    I reckon he is following this thread.

  • The guy is weird possibly a sociopath.

    I have a pending issue with him atm. Cracked and bodge repaired frame which he didn't mention and pics were edited to not show that aspect.

    Want a full refund or I'm going round there...

  • Ooh! You brute. :) xx

  • Anyone used him recently? I’m interested in a couple frames he has now.

  • Email him. He’s abit more email savvy these days

  • I sent him an email a few days ago with some questions about the frames, but looking through this thread, I kind of doubt he will respond. That said I sent it on Thursday and he says he's off Friday so perhaps he just hasn't gotten to it yet.

  • He takes ages to respond, one time it took him a week. He was very prompt once I sent him money though.

  • I sent him a message via his FB page several weeks ago, and he still hasn’t replied.

  • I bought a pair of pedals off Hilary on the 8th of July. Chased (politely) after two weeks and got a reply to my email, apologising for the delay and saying they'd be sent First Class on Monday. It's now Friday, the postie has been and gone, still no pedals. It's frustrating, as they are for an old French bike and the pedals threads are different. I'm itching to ride the thing but at the moment it's a balance bike! Supposed to be riding from Monthlery to Angouléme on it in a month ...

  • French pedal threads are a tad smaller than the English equivalent meaning it's easy to get them re taped for an English thread. My lBS did it for a tener. It would then give you far more pedal choice.

  • I don't suppose that's very helpful now after you've bought the pedals... Good luck I know now frustrating it is

  • Pester him, he's an honest guy but just sometimes lacks on the communication part.

  • I called him the other day and he was abroad on holiday, he picked up and was helpful so maybe call him and ask what’s going on?

  • I've just chased him again. One month since I paid for an item. I wouldn't mind if I had some feedback from him. He might have holiday plans, health issues, I just don't know. And as for having to constantly pester him? (I don't, I'm not the type, I've sent an email a week) How do I know I'm just not rubbing him up the wrong way and he's happy just sitting on a part I've paid for? Got to be the most ludicrous business ethic I've ever had to deal with.

  • Have you phoned him?

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Anyone heard from Hilary Stone recently?

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