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  • Shaking like a dog shitting razorblades

  • So I've just moved to Manchester temporarily from London, for work.
    Pretty much know nothing about Manchester but apparently there isn't anything to do around where I live (MediaCity).

    Suggestions of fun and exciting things??

  • Could try Critical Mass tonight? They're heading for booze and BBQ after the ride afaik....

  • Manchester is good for live music but you have to check the doors of a few music shops if looking for specific tastes.. check see tickets etc see what's on at the arenas and academy, both have a constant stream of big shows.

  • Can always come out on Wednesday night ride with us? Social ride, usually some beer involved, anyone welcome.

    We meet at Pub/Zoo around 06.30 and set off at 7pm.

  • 06.30 and set off at 7pm? 12 and a half hour stint in the pub before riding sounds dangerous

  • it's how we do it oop norf

  • Polo, obviously.

  • Just saying hi. Id like your opinoins on my ride, had it a few years now and kind of looking for something else.

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  • hey I'm Max, 19 and fresh back into Manchester after an awful year in Wolverhampton. Living way out in Stalybridge, been doing s/s for a while, want to get into fixed, maybe commuting into uni, who knows.
    Used to have a ratty '70s Peugeot s/s that I loved, now I'm stuck with a Charge Plug I want to change possibly for something else, and a boring geared Raleigh.

  • Hi

  • My eyes!

  • Do we need to get 01fix1 to fight the Manchester fixie club?


    Our opening range of fixed speed bikes are diverse, different and really set the mark for Anteater cycles. Discover the range and remember all purchases of an anteater bike will gain you free priority membership to the Manchester Fixie Club


  • Oh my...

  • The 'f' word... Grrrh! Now I won't be able to sleep.
    If there has to be an 'f' word used, for all our collective sanity, please used 'fixed', and not the other one.

  • I prefer the term 'forever pedal'.

  • 01fix1 is dying a slow painful death.
    Manchester forever pedal club however...

  • Hiya!

  • Mark from Wilmslow

    my it

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  • Hi folks, I'll be honest, just joined the forum to sell his and hers Dolan track bikes.
    We're moving to Shropshire where there aren't many velodromes, we'll be sorry to see them go.
    It still leaves 10 bikes in the family so not stopping cycling.
    Look out for them in the classifieds section soon, cheers

  • Hello. Consider the FB group Track Cycling Buy/Swap/Sell - Manchester too­erTrackBuySellSwap/

    Enjoy Shropshire life, much quieter than the big city.

  • Hello! I am moving up to Manchester next month. I don't know anybody, but I have a singlespeed, and can turn it fixed if someone teaches me how to do sick skids

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