Close the Cov forum?

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  • I'd say wait a while. Or maybe consider renaming it to more of a west mids/warwickshire/cov & warwickshire forum? Difficult not to tread on Brum's toes though.

  • holy cow, look what I've gone and done. Please don't!

  • Send it to Coventry!!

    I thank you

  • Can I just add though, that I'm quite keen on keeping the Birmingham forum as it is. We've put quite a lot of effort into getting to where we are, and getting an identity.
    Cos Birmingham is shit you know.

  • Right. Who voted Yes FFS.

  • Oh, I see. Someone who has never posted in the Cov forum. That figures...

  • bump. It's a 3 way tie right now.

  • 6/3 I reckon.

  • 6/1 if we drop the London folks votes I guess.

    The forum is hardly bouncing with activity tho'.

  • I'm bouncing. On the sofa.

  • Do a flip!

  • Cov's no less active than some of the other regional forums.
    Seems like unless you reside in the States, or London, or B'ham you're consigned to riding on your own!

    Plenty of rides in B'ham.

  • Theres a couple of us shonking around Nuneaton / Ridge Lane if ever you fancy a ride access to a brewery. Surely a winner !

  • The fact the forum is less active then others is no reflection on whats going on though, Birms just has lots of people who clearly have too much time and access to computers all day! It is a highly useful thing though so don't get rid of it, when you meet other riders you can direct them here and make it grow again!

  • Most fixed riders I see out and about seem quiet reticent.
    Conversely I've had loads of chats about my bike with non cyclists and non fixed cyclists.

  • reticent = forever alone

  • Perhaps the fixed game is for loners?

  • I'm here don't get rid of it I like the seperate Cov forum!!

  • Try being a girl! LONERVILLE.

  • I'm a lone wolf.

  • I'll let you know when we are out next. Trip to Burton planned soon for beer at Burton Bridge Brewery then a steady wobble home :)

  • ^ damn... why didn't you pop your head up when I was about?! I rode up to Derby through Ashby DLZ a couple of times, never to visit a brewery though.

  • sorry :( only been singlespeeding a year and fixed for 4 weeks...

  • Ha, no worries really - good to hear there's another rider local ;)

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Close the Cov forum?

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