• The wire men who did the post place I worked in were great. Wired in a whole new linked system 15 suites to main machine room. I was amazed how they kept track of all the cabling. Spaghetti junction!

  • Wow - that's incredibly helpful. Both links look great - will try and contact both! It's very early days, but after retraining as a spark after ten years in the arts, I've realised that I don't think I can face a lifetime just toiling in the construction industry making money for developers and destroying my health. This all feels a lot more positive.

  • That's dead helpful to see the kinda skills and what kinda jobs are out there. Alas I'm up in Leeds but it deffo helps getting my head around the whole thing.

  • Tick and tick. I have a ponytail and a beard at the mo - it was meant to be!

  • PM incoming!

  • Is there any decent equivalent to Vimeo for still images? I want to get some screen caps reviewed but don't want to email a folder or load of files, not share a google drive link ideally.

    I presume capture one or some high end stills stuff exists but want about something in the 50-100 quid a year range? oh, maybe wetransfer can show previews now I think of it.

    Edit: yes - Portals is the new thing from WeTransfer. Still in beta but just tried and will work for now and looks good for the future.

  • Anyone able to or know where I can get my hands on an imax camera?

    Alternatively anyone got a hand crank operated camera? Don’t need to use it per say just investigate what kind of sounds it can make

  • IMAX will rent you one.

  • Probably should have made this post a couple of months ago when the great editor drought was at its peak, but the productions paused for lockdown have created a glut of post work and I’m constantly asked for recommendations when I’m busy for jobs

    I cut mostly factual/doc stuff, I try/would like to do feature stuff as much as possible but I get a lot of offers for dispatches and panorama, C4 and ITN factual one offs and daytime/ evening fact ent type stuff. If that’s up any other editors’ street I’d be glad to pass on details next time I’m asked. And if you need a (minor) award winning and only gently combative editor we can swap real names through dm.


  • Hi there, I am very urgently looking for an experienced online editor to assist with a fairly complex graphics and subs issue we are having in Premiere with a broadcast delivery, lined up for TX next week.

    We have all the elements and we know it can be fixed by someone who knows their way round sequence settings.

    If anyone knows anyone, do please send them my way! I can dm my mobile number on request

    Fully paid gig obviously.

  • Does Frame.io do hosting? I.e. could I use it as a Vimeo alternative for embedding videos in websites?

  • It doesn't no, it doesn't have a player that is accessable externally and the presentation/reel links aren't suited to long time use

    Shift.io (the product that Wiredrive and MediaSilo turned into) is a bit better as a vimeo alternative, though in reality I still reckon Vimeo is the best suited for the task... despite the copyright issues that can happen with music etc

  • Thanks. Shame, I'd love a tool that does it all rather than so many subscriptions. Will check out shift.io - think I may have looked in the past for another project but always worth keeping up to speed. My main gripe with vimeo is their constant peddling of higher tiered subscriptions including the headlines last week that people using lots of bandwidth were being forced into a custom plan with a week of notice https://www.theverge.com/2022/3/15/22979­126/vimeo-patreon-creators-price-increas­e
    They've since apologised but they've done shit like that for years - particularly with their live streaming side which is another thing I'm a reluctant user of.

  • I'm going to sound like i'm on the payroll for frame.io, but I manage the account for our company and we were able to do a video call with the founder recently - they are releasing a new version of the service early next year which seems to take care of a lot of issues it has currently, like lag when you've got a lot of files and way more customisation options so it's looking like it'll cover more areas in the future - we subscribe to almost all the file collaboration platforms, so I know the feeling of wanting to reduce the amount of subs..!

  • Any camera owner-ops here in Manchester or Newcastle?

  • Im in Glasgow, can travel.

  • Cheers, sorted now.

  • Any reminders of those kind of websites that collate film/tv/commercials/music video etc for references? Searchable scenes etc? Looking for quite specific stuff on accessibility / affordability / visibility etc in healthcare/hygiene.

    Thinking stuff like shotdeck but ideally showing clips I can download or at least view/link

  • try BoB if you can gert hold of a uni login

  • Any sound mixy mixy sound sorts here?

    Got a single voice track and music track I'd like sounding better together.

    My usual guy is on holiday.

    I'm unusually editing in Premier so a bit lost by their approach to sound. Not expecting sidechaining or any faffery but must be a quick and easy way to make them play nicely?

    Any magic plugins I should look at?

  • can you just edit the volume automation on the track to dip around the VO? or just cut the clips and dip the volume under the vo, and cross fade in and out?

    Usually a quick dip down as the voice starts followed by a slightly slower fade out after they’ve finished speaking sounds most natural.

    Side chaining / compression kinda is a 'magic plugin'. I haven't ever seeked out or stumbled upon any alternatives : )

  • Do you have 2 mins to listen my current pass for an opinion?

    1 Attachment

    • timeline.jpg
  • Hey,

    Might be able to help, I work in music from a song-writing/production perspective. Keen to get involved with more moving image work though so let me know. Can edit, write, compose.

    V keen to get into soundtracks if anyone fancies taking a punt!

  • Yes sure, dm me!

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